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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 570 - A Woman’s Intuition

Chapter 570: A Woman’s Intuition

Jiang Yao remembered the name of the stocks only because she read the newspaper back then.

According to the news reports, these stocks rose rapidly in the initial stages, becoming the hottest commodity in the market and prompted many purchases.

After knowing that Liang Yueze, Lu Xingzhi, and the rest were involved in the market, she wanted to ask if they had their hands on these particular stocks.

“Brother Liang, what are some of the stocks you bought recently? I know a few that are extremely active, even I, as an outsider, have heard of them.” Jiang Yao quickly sifted through her memory and retrieved the names. “Feitian Technologies, Yuntan Trading, Minghua Automation, and Guangyuan Electronics.”

Liang Yueze was surprised to hear Jiang Yao listing the names, he thought that she was an outsider.

“Feitian Technologies, that’s the one we are in right now.” Liang Yueze said, “Weiqi and Xuyao bought some of their shares, it has not stopped rising since.”

“It will rise until the middle of November. By then, you should sell them off as much and as quickly as possible, Brother Liang. These stocks…” Jiang Yao thought about it briefly and came up with a rather suitable explanation. “These stocks are extremely unpredictable and volatile. I know you have a lot of them in your hands right now, it would take at least a few tries to dump them off. I suggest you do it as early as possible, dumping them all off before mid-November.”

If Jiang Yao remembered correctly, Feitian Technologies was one of the first to crash in the market, after a period of constant rise. It went on for more than a month before they suspended their activities. When the market reopened at year-end, the stocks had dropped even further and that was when the suicides started happening.

Less than a week after Feitian’s crash, a few other stocks also started crashing, bringing down the entire market with them.

Jiang Yao had no interest whatsoever in trading even before her rebirth, that was why she did not want to do it now even though she had an advantage.

Never bite off more than you can chew; Jiang Yao understood the saying very well.

“How are you so sure?” Liang Yueze looked at Jiang Yao solemnly. He did have plans to sell the stocks in hand as he had heard of rumors and got preparations underway.

However, knowing Jiang Yao’s social circle, it was highly improbable for her to obtain this piece of insider information, especially at such an early stage.

“A woman’s intuition.” Jiang Yao shrugged. “My sixth-sense is never wrong.”

Liang Yueze raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Indeed.”

Hearing his reply, Jiang Yao realized that Liang Yueze already had plans to do just that. Even if she did not say anything, he would have done the same.

It did not come as a surprise since Liang Yueze knew a lot of people and had ways to obtain news.

Right now, she needed to talk to the teacher once she returns to school. She could do nothing about the others, but this teacher here was a very responsible and competent educator, Jiang Yao did not want to see him go down the drain again.

The duo stayed for a little longer talking before taking their leave. Jiang Yao drove and wanted to give Liang Yueze a ride back to the hotel before going back to school. In her amazement, she saw a slightly familiar person the moment Jiang Yao stepped out of the cafe.