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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 568 - Xingzhi Trusts You

Chapter 568: Xingzhi Trusts You

Weiqi was right, Lu Xingzhi was passionate about real estate investments.

Lu Xingzhi had quite a few properties in Jindo City under his name. Aside from the house that was given to Zhou Weiqi and the penthouse at Kin City, he had two massive villas, around five or six houses, and two rented-out offices, all located in Jindo City.

Other than that, he also possessed two properties in Jin City; even Jiang Yao had no idea they existed.

Besides, he also invested in bonds, trust funds, and stocks, increasing the wealth of his already impressive portfolio.

“Wow! I did not expect Xingzhi to be so rich,” Jiang Yao remarked. She did not finish reading the document but immediately flipped to the last page and put her signature down.

“With the brains he has, he would have been richer if he had put himself into commerce after graduating.” Liang Yueze spoke softly. “He has a knack for investments. Unfortunately, he could not buy properties abroad due to his job status. Otherwise, he could have easily increased his net worth by a few times just by investing in real estate.”

While Lu Xingzhi was still in school, he managed his finances wisely after gaining some money. He started off by investing in stocks, trust funds and bonds, before diversifying into real estate, something he was currently hot on.

Back then, Liang Yueze and the buddies could not understand Lu Xingzhi’s zeal. They got into the act together only after he had explained and analyzed the country’s political situation and the people’s sentiment.

Just as Lu Xingzhi predicted, change in the country’s policy encouraged an exodus of people from the farmlands into urban areas for work. The demand for housing increased as a result and brought upon the shift in housing prices and the subsequent appearance of real estate businessmen.

The properties that they bought together with Lu Xingzhi were left to their own, each one of them increasing in value as the years went on.

“These are the entirety of Xingzhi’s assets, if it’s not enough, I still have some on my side. We can take it for an evaluation to see how much we can mortgage from the bank,” said Liang Yueze. “If it’s still not enough, the Liang family has more resources to support us.”

“Thank you so much, Brother Liang!” Jiang was astonished. She knew that Liang Yueze’s company needed a lot of money to run its operation, that was why she did not want his help initially.

He might have money in his hands, but as a married man, it seemed unreasonable for him to invest a large chunk of his wealth into her ventures. What she did not expect was Liang Yueze’s offer of help.

She was genuinely grateful to and quite frankly, touched by Liang Yueze’s gesture.

This meant that he trusted her fully, thus he was not at all wary of her.

“Xingzhi believes in you and I trust him.” A single sentence was sufficient to explain Liang Yueze’s actions.

He trusted her capabilities, not her character.

As for Jiang Yao’s character, he was well-aware of it back in Jindo City.

Receiving the signed document from Jiang Yao, Lawyer Jiang stood up. “I need to go to the bank so I will take my leave here.”

“Thank you, Lawyer Jiang!” Jiang Yao smiled and gave him Manager Sun’s contact number. Subsequent matters would be handled by both Lawyer Jiang and Manager Sun.

Liang Yueze was very similar to Lu Xingzhi in that they were both men of few words.

Jiang Yao and Liang Yueze were the only ones left after Lawyer Jiang’s departure. Liang Yueze was steeping tea while Jiang Yao sipped on her tea, thinking of something to say to break the ice.