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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 567 - Signing Documents

Chapter 567: Signing Documents

The teacher came from a good place, cautioning Jiang Yao in her actions. There were a lot of people waiting to see her fail.

She was only nineteen years old, the teacher was afraid that she could not take the subsequent criticism and insults.

“Thank you for your concern.” She understood that the nagging was done for her own good and was very respectful when she spoke to the teacher. “Don’t worry, I have been catching up with all the missed classes. I will not disappoint you in the finals. Please understand that there is something I have to do this afternoon if you can just give me the rest of the day off.”

“Is it your husband?” The teacher asked with a frown.

“No, it’s private,” replied Jiang Yao.

Obviously, the teacher did not believe Jiang Yao, but there was nothing he could do other than approving her leave of absence since she was very adamant about getting the afternoon off. Chancellor Wen did mention that they should treat Jiang Yao’s affairs a little differently, including her leave of absences.

After Jiang Yao left with her approval slip, the teacher sighed and remarked, “That’s why we don’t encourage students to marry early. There is no time to study when you have to worry about your family.”

Of course, Jiang Yao was not aware of her teacher’s opinion. She left the school immediately in her car.

The entire school knew that Jiang Yao had a cell phone and drove to school. They were not sure of her background but many speculated that she either married a rich man or was the daughter of a rich family.

Since Jiang Yao did leave a good impression on some people when she entered school, no one commented on her lavish lifestyle.

Jiang Yao was to meet with Liang Yueze in an old-fashioned verandah in the middle of a cozy courtyard.

Upon entering, she saw Liang Yueze drinking tea with a male lawyer and sat down opposite them.

“Why did you come, Brother Liang?”Jiang Yao wanted to ask why he did not bring Luo Ruoran over together since she had always wanted to visit Nanjiang City. “Is Ruoran busy?”

Liang Yueze nodded and said, “I came to see if you need any help. Sign the document first, though.”

Only then did Jiang Yao greet the lawyer. “Sorry for troubling you. You had to come all the way here to Nanjiang City.”

“Don’t be, Mrs. Lu. It’s my job.” Lawyer Jiang was a little over forty and wore a thick pair of spectacles. He was dressed up conservatively and seemed to be a serious person.

Without anymore small talk, he took out the document from his briefcase and handed them to Jiang Yao. “This is the entire portfolio of Mr. Lu’s assets. Please read through and sign your name on the last page. It would take effect once you sign it.”

With the document in her hands, Jiang Yao noticed Liang Yueze’s gaze on her. She smiled at him and opened the document.

She knew Lu Xingzhi was well-off, but before flipping open this document, she did not know just how rich he was.