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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 566 - Teacher’s Advice

Chapter 566: Teacher’s Advice

“Even a sow cannot have so many offsprings!” Lu Yuqing was on the verge of losing control. Since the day Jiang Yao announced that she wanted to give birth to Lu Xingzhi’s child, Lu Yuqing still could not understand what the girl was thinking about.

The Lu family was unlike the other conservative families around. They did not subscribe to the notion that a woman’s job was to marry and give birth. The Lu family objected to Jiang Yao’s intention when it was first known. To Lu Yuqing, a nineteen-year-old who had yet to attend university having a child seemed a brash and risky decision.

Even though Jiang Yao was her brother’s wife.

She thought Jiang Yao was trying to get on the good side of her family, after what she had done to Lu Xingzhi, and saw it nothing more but an empty promise.

It seemed like she really wanted a child.

“If it gets too late when the discussion ends, stay for the night and go back to school tomorrow morning. It’s not safe driving alone late at night.” Lu Xingzhi advised before he hung up the call.

After Jiang Yao finished talking, Lu Yuqing spoke, “Since there is a lot of things on your side, I’ll stay in Nanjiang City for a while longer. As for Mr. Huang, I’ll decline his offer.”

Even though they were a family, if Jiang Yao did not request for her help, Lu Yuqing would not join her company. This had always been her attitude, drawing a clear line between her professional and personal life. She would not take advantage of her position as a family member for better opportunities.

“Since we don’t have the capital yet, there is nothing else to discuss. It’s getting late, you should go back now. Once we have news of the money, then we’ll talk.” Lu Yuqing glanced at her watch and urged the two visitors to take leave.

Jiang Yao talked to Manager Sun briefly before she left, asking him to look for a reliable caregiver for Brother Zhong at the hospital.

Knowing Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao speculated that he would have the things done quickly. However, she did not expect how quick it was going to be.

Before the end of her morning class the next day, Jiang Yao received a call from Lu Xingzhi’s lawyer saying that he had just arrived at Nanjiang City with the necessary documents. Together with him was Liang Yueze.

Jiang Yao immediately went to the teacher wanting to request a half-day off.

Since she just went on a month-long break recently, the teacher was not happy to hear her new request.

“Jiang Yao, I know you are the freshman representative and a student who was admitted with stellar grades. But you have to understand that university is a completely different thing than high school. Why do you need a half-day off? How are you going to catch up with all the missed classes? You are a medical student, all these are crucial for you to graduate and enter the hospital as a qualified doctor.”

Jiang Yao entered the university with much fanfare. Even till now, she still had the attention of plenty of the students here.

“As the student rep who was on the cover of Nanjiang Morning Post, do you understand what it means if you fail your first semester? Many will say that you became the student rep through the backdoor, some may even question your previous achievements. You are an outstanding student, this means that you have to keep up your game. You may not be able to handle the consequences of failing to live up to the expectations.”