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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 553 - The Research Lab Predicament

Chapter 553: The Research Lab Predicament

Jiang Yao frowned. “Who are you to judge my decisions? Don’t forget your promise that you won’t question a single decision I make. You had no issues when I wanted to convert the hospital into a hotel, why now?”

Mr. Feng grimaced. The idea of converting the hospital into a hotel was nothing more than a trick used by Jiang Yao to scare the other shareholders; he was not afraid at all.

However, he knew for sure that Jiang Yao was adamant about setting up the research lab and the pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

He would never agree to it!

Putting the high initial start-up cost of a research lab aside, there was no assurance that the outcome of the researches would generate significant value and benefits.

Plus, as the major shareholder of the hospital with absolute decision-making power, what if she wanted to use the research lab as a deception to scam grant money?

“I have no issues with the manufacturing company but I will never agree with the research lab!” Mr. Feng was firm. “For the manufacturing company to commence operation, we just need to invest in production and development. Setting up the research lab is unnecessary.”

“What if I insist?” The research lab was nevertheless a smokescreen and perhaps a small contribution to the country’s medical field. Jiang Yao had no intention of profiting off the venture. Moreover, she might have to invest additional money into the operations of the research lab.

“I disagree,” said Mr. Feng stone-faced. “If I don’t agree, Ms. Jiang here cannot mortgage Shengqi Hospital at the bank.”

What on earth?!

Jiang Yao looked at Manager Sun in confusion.

She knew little about running a business and thought that her role as the majority shareholder guaranteed her absolute power in decisions regarding the hospital.

“That’s true, Ms. Jiang.” Manager Sun nodded. “This is the hospital’s regulation. It is the law as well.”

Jiang Yao could feel anger bubbling up in her heart. So she was in the wrong for not knowing the laws governing commercial activities? Manager Sun painted a different picture previously.

Yet, he would have said it if he expected Mr. Feng’s objection.

“I shouldn’t have listened to you!” Jiang Yao glared at Mr. Feng.

Seeing his apathy, Jiang Yao thought to herself how she should have wrestled his shares over back then, saving her the trouble right now.

“Since you object, Mr. Feng, don’t think you’ll be a part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing venture! I’ll do it myself!” Jiang Yao snorted. “I will get the money needed!”

“Ms. Jiang, I have no comments if you want to set up the company yourself. But as a shareholder of Shengqi Hospital, I refuse to let you set up the company under Shengqi Hospital’s name.” Mr. Feng did not expect Jiang Yao to change her mind so abruptly.

After all, he was very interested in the venture. Even though massive initial capital was needed, the business was hugely profitable. Yet, however much he wanted it, he could not do it on his own.

Jiang Yao looked at Manager Sun again and saw him nodding. She furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance and vowed to read up on laws and regulations, not wanting to be led around the discussion table anymore.