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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 551 - Ying County of Province C

Chapter 551: Ying County of Province C

“No afternoon naps for you?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“No, I was talking to my roommates. It has been a month since I last saw them, we have a lot of catching up to do,” replied Jiang Yao.

Lu Xingzhi was not surprised to hear that. When he was still in school, chatting till late at night with his buddies was a common occurrence.

“I’m going to a place in Province C called Ying County for the selection process of the special forces unit. I wanted to let you know as soon as possible.” Lu Xingzhi disclosed the reason he called. “I took the medicine just as you instructed and did not feel anything off during this morning’s training.”

“That’s too soon! I thought it was still months away?” Jiang Yao was stunned. “How is it going to be like? Will you be okay?”

“The first round is a wilderness elimination round for a week. Don’t worry, I know my body well. I’m not too familiar with the exact rules regarding this selection process, but it is not as dangerous as going on a mission. With medical officers around, if I can’t proceed, I will quit.” His future was important, but his life even more so.

Jiang Yao was most concerned with Lu Xingzhi’s stubborn tenacity but after hearing from his own mouth that he would quit if things did not go well, she felt much more at ease.

Once he had decided on doing something, there was nothing else she could do to stop him.

Plus, she knew that this was a crucial opportunity for Lu Xingzhi. Now that his condition had improved, it must have been frustrating if he was not given the chance to try out.

“Did you say it was Ying County of Province C?” Jiang Yao was very familiar with the province. She was there before her rebirth.

“Mm,” replied Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao scratched her head and lowered her voice. “If I remember correctly, the weather in Province C is very erratic this year. I think there is continuous rain for twenty-plus days, and that a flash flood happened in one of the counties early November.”

She heard about this when she used to work in Province C. However, all she heard was the complaints by the person about how strange the weather was and how it caused plenty of destruction.

She casually asked for details. The other person replied in a thick local accent about the location where the flood occurred. The county government was prepared for the flood but did not expect the disaster to come so heavily, destroying homes and drowning many people.

The name of the exact county escaped Jiang Yao’s mind. Perhaps unable to understand what the other person said because of his thick local accent, all she remembered was the sad look on his face.

Moreover, it had been a few years since it happened when Jiang Yao heard about the disaster. She did not pay much attention to it but remembered, to a certain extent, that it happened in early November.

“I don’t remember which county it was but a huge flood happened. When you go to Province C for the selection, please be prepared for the weather,” Jiang Yao reminded.

Unfortunately, she could not recall the exact place and the exact time the flood happened. Even though she wanted to warn the residents of the imminent disaster, she did not know where to go.