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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 546 - Fake Diamond Ring

Chapter 546: Fake Diamond Ring

There was hope after all!

With Lu Xingzhi’s money, Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao’s investment, plus Shengqi Hospital’s assets, along with her attempt at stone betting this weekend, Jiang Yao should be able to gather a few hundred million dollars.

If that were still insufficient, she had Liang Yueze to call for help.

Lu Xingzhi told her to contact Liang Yueze if she had any trouble. Moreover, the Liang family was very keen on Jiang Yao’s business ventures.

The next day, after a half-day class, Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui bought some takeout from the cafeteria for Moe after finishing their lunch there.

Seeing the takeout box in her hands, Moe suddenly became very chummy with Jiang Yao. He encircled her as he wagged his tail and stood on his hind legs, trying to claw the takeout box with his paws.

“What’s the hurry?” Jiang Yao gave Moe the boot before putting the food in his feeder bowl.

The ceramic bowl, with an illustration of a cute white cat on it, was bought by Wen Xuehui for Moe during the National Day holidays.

Moe immediately sat himself down on all four paws next to his bowl and started chomping down on his food.

Jiang Yao stooped beside him to observe, before retrieving a little box from her bag and giving the diamond ring in it to Moe.

“This is the toy I promised you, I bought it last night.”

Moe slowly shifted his gaze toward the little trinket in Jiang Yao’s hand. Immediately, his tail stood up as his widened eyes betrayed his exhilaration.

“Meow! A new toy! A new toy! Hey, you are not too bad, human!”

Forgetting about his lunch, Moe took over the diamond ring and said, “Quick, bring me a piece of string, I want to tie it on my neck!”

What an eccentric Noble Pet Butler.

Seeing Moe’s happiness, Jiang Yao did what she was told and gave him a piece of white string taken from the drawer.

Zhou Xiaoxia and the rest saw a little trinket hanging on Moe’s neck when they returned. She approached Moe and asked, “Who is trying to put a leash on the cat?”

“No, it’s his new toy,” explained Jiang Yao.

“What toy is it?” Chen Siyang got closer and took a look. “Wow! That’s a pretty ring! And a very bright diamond too! Where did you get this pretty cat toy diamond from? It looks so real and much prettier than the one the Dean has on her finger.”

“It is really beautiful! Where did you buy this fake diamond ring?” Li Yi asked.

“Don’t tell me it’s a toy from the pet store?” Lin Qiaoyu was the only person who noticed the little velvet box in Jiang Yao’s hand, perhaps used to keep the ring. She did not see anything embroidered on the box and thought Jiang Yao bought a fake diamond ring for Moe.

She exclaimed, “Businesses nowadays really do have it rough. Look at this, they have to make such an exquisite box to go with the fake diamond ring. That’s how they confuse the customers.”

The roommates were suddenly caught in a discussion talking about the fake diamond ring, Jiang Yao had no opportunity to explain herself.

Moe’s new favorite toy was the real deal bought from Jewel Street’s biggest jewelry store for twenty thousand dollars.

Yes, twenty thousand dollars!

Moe’s hobby was indeed an expensive one.

Yet, without Moe, she would not have bought the vase and raked in a hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Jiang Yao actually came away with a hundred thousand dollars of clean profit, even with the purchase of the diamond ring.