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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 545 - You Are Amazing, Master

Chapter 545: You Are Amazing, Master

Indeed, Jiang Yao was totally exhausted after completing the surgeries. However, she quickly regained her vitality.

She would not have expected by doing the two surgeries, she would save two very important people and improve her stats in the Medical System.

“I thought these stats have to be improved by the Favorability Value?” Jiang Yao chuckled. “Did my Favorability Value increase though?”

Jiang Yao expected none, after all, she did not do anything that was pleasing to others when away at Jindo City.

“It did.” The System Admin showed Jiang Yao her newly-gained stats. “A substantial increase, I would say. You can use it to improve your other abilities.”

Jiang Yao was surprised, but immediately thought of the soldiers at the platoon. It must have been them, the ones who came to send her off.

Even the System Admin did not expect the benefits Jiang Yao had gained by overstepping her limits to perform the surgeries.

“It’s obvious that the better your medical expertise, the greater the increment in your stats. The System must’ve recognized your skills.” The System Admin complimented, “You are amazing, Master!”

It sounded cheesy, but Jiang Yao was pleased to hear it.

“What about the glow of green light I saw in the stone?” Jiang Yao asked.

“You must’ve accidentally used your x-ray vision. I think you were able to see the green light because the stone was either a mineral or a gemstone. The brighter the glow, the greater the value of that stone. This is a hidden skill that comes with your improved vision, congratulations on unlocking it, Master!”

Jiang Yao stood aside grinning like an idiot.

The Medical System was a mysterious yet magical entity, even the System Admin did not have complete knowledge of what it could offer.

Her grin widened.

A timely help sent down from the heavens!

She needed money urgently and with this ability, she could go to the stone betting trade fair with Huang Chengjing this weekend and try her luck. Perhaps she could make a fortune that night.

“How should I control my vision and hearing then?” Jiang Yao asked. “They seem to appear randomly.”

“Easy, by using your willpower,” said the System Admin. “Just like how you enter the Medical System, you’ll get the hang of it after a few tries. As for the memory, it immediately ascribes itself onto your mind. Did you notice your memory improving lately?”

Jiang Yao thought for a second and nodded.

She always had a decent memory. Plus, not having to do anything requiring intensive memory lately, she did not notice much change.

However, after the System Admin’s reminder, she did feel the improvement.

She could easily remember each and every one of Lu Xingzhi’s comrades in the platoon, recognizing their faces and remembering their names after their first meeting.

This was something she was not able to do previously.

Her memory was good in high school, but she always had issues with remembering people’s faces.

After that, she did not remain in the Medical System. Instead, she left and felt too excited to sleep.