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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 541 - A Few Hundred Million

Chapter 541: A Few Hundred Million

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Other than the hospital, Jiang Yao did not own any other businesses. She handed the responsibility of running the hospital over to its director and did not involve herself too much in its daily operations. She also did not put Manager Sun in the employment of the hospital, so with Jiang Yao previously away from Nanjiang City, he was very free and stayed at home looking after his family.

Jiang Yao gave Manager Sun a call before she came. Thus, there was nobody else at home when she arrived.

“Ms. Jiang, this is the hundred and twenty thousand dollars from the selling of that vase. The buyer was a little eccentric and paid using cash regardless of how expensive the item was.” Manager Sun took out the little briefcase with cash in it for Jiang Yao to check the amount.

“That’s fine.” Jiang Yao trusted Manager Sun and did not plan to bring the money with her. She was lazy to go to the bank so she wrote down the bank account details and gave it to Manager Sun for him to deposit it tomorrow.

He had always thought his new boss to be generous and magnanimous. Previously, she was not afraid at all that he would damage the antique vase and asked him to look after it.

When he went to the trade event next, she did not hesitate in selling the vase off even though the buyer aggressively pushed the price down.

As such, when she wanted him to deposit the cash, she was not afraid at all that he would take the money and flee.

“Ah, is there a place where I can practice shooting here at Nanjiang City? Either a club or a shooting range?” Jiang Yao promised Lu Xingzhi that she would practice even when she had returned to school.

However, she wondered when the gun Lu Xingzhi wanted to give her would arrive.

“I don’t think there is one. It’s usually places reserved for the military and the police. I’ve never heard of one such place for the general public.”

Manager Sun could not help but add, “Ms. Jiang, do you plan to learn how to shoot?”

Seeing his weirded out expression, Jiang Yao was pleased. “Why can’t I?”

“For sure you can! Ms. Jiang can do whatever she wants!” Manager Sun immediately changed his tune and fired away a few ungenuine praises.

“Which reminds me, how is your daughter doing?” asked Jiang Yao.

“Thanks to you, Ms. Jiang, for putting her into Shengqi Hospital and giving her access to the best medical resources, she is getting much better now.” A certain look of gentleness crept onto Manager Sun’s face the moment his daughter was mentioned. He felt the more grateful for Jiang Yao as her daughter’s condition improved.

“That’s good news.” Jiang Yao nodded. She then told him about her plans to create a research lab and a pharmaceutical manufacturing company. “These two are going to take up quite the space, so renting it doesn’t seem practical. I feel like we should buy our own land and build it ourselves. You know a lot about Nanjiang City, where can I buy them and how much will they cost?”

Manager Sun was stunned for a few seconds.

He gulped in shock and thought about how incredible his young boss was.

With a hospital already in her hands, she wanted to create a research lab and a manufacturing company too?

“Both these companies would require a big plot of land. Fortunately, we don’t have to build them anywhere near the city center of Nanjiang City. There’s a lot of open land in the areas a little further away from the city. Or, you can choose to build it in a village closer to the city. With that, we should be able to reduce our budget.”