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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 540 - High Expectations

Chapter 540: High Expectations

Even though she came from the Huang family and was never in want, Huang Chenchen, having lost her mother, seemed to be more mature than the kids around her age.

“Sister Yuqing, you saved me just now, please let us bring you around the city! If you don’t agree with it, I will be very sad because Dad is going to leave me alone at home again!” The more Huang Chenchen spoke, the more she wanted to cry, with tears pooling in the corners of her eyes.

“Okay, okay! I will accept the offer! Don’t cry, my sweet little girl!”

Lu Yuqing immediately relented. It did not matter if she still had reservations about Huang Chengjing, she could not bear to see a little girl cry.

She loved children and used to long for one herself.

When going through the divorce, she was relieved, however, that she did not have a child as it made things easier.

Yet, she felt a pang of sadness now, wondering if she would ever have her own offspring.

After seeing Lu Yuqing’s concurrence, Jiang Yao said, “Thank you, Mr. Huang!”

Huang Chengjing broke into a faint smile and looked at her daughter lovingly before nodding his head wistfully. “It’s what I should do, after all!”

After hearing that Lu Yuqing had agreed to stay, Huang Chenchen immediately ran toward her and jumped into her laps.

Just like the first time Jiang Yao met Huang Chenchen, Lu Yuqing was the one looking after the little girl for the rest of the night. When she spoke to Chenchen, she would instinctively lower and soften her voice. It seemed that she really liked the little girl.

Sounds about right, thought Jiang Yao. Chenchen was so adorable, who would not like her?

“Congratulations on the opening of Golden Phoenix! From the name, it sounds like Mr. Huang has a lot of expectations on the company.” Jiang Yao put the invitation card into her bag. She was still very much willing to interact with the Huang family here at Nanjiang City.

“Yes, I do have high expectations on it.” Huang Chengjing chuckled. “Everyone in Nanjiang City will say that I am a very capable young man. Frankly speaking, I am only a son who is carrying on his father’s legacy. Golden Phoenix is a company my friends and I created together and has nothing to do with the Huang family. This is the first time I established a business independently, through my own efforts. To me, Golden Phoenix is just like my second child.”

Huang Chengjing became a little chattery when his company was mentioned. “Each and every one of the designers working in the company was hired by my friend. I want to introduce you to each other during the gala dinner, he is a really nice person. I remember seeing both Master Lu and you at the Purple Orchid Garden the other day. Is Ms. Jiang interested in stone betting? Perfect. There’s a trade event for gems and jewellerys next Saturday here at Nanjiang City. It’s a bigger event compared to the one at Purple Orchid Garden and is an important one for the local industry.”

“We’ll see.” Jiang Yao was not too interested. After all, she knew very little about stone betting.

After the dinner, Huang Chengjing drove Lu Yuqing back to the hotel first, before dropping Jiang Yao off at Manager Sun’s home.