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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 534 - Sneaked Out

Chapter 534: Sneaked Out

“Hmm? Lu Yuqing, was it? And she had a little girl with her?” Jiang Yao was surprised to hear that. “How long has it been since she left?”

“Less than two minutes ago, didn’t you see her on your way in? You’ll be able to catch up with her if you go now, I don’t think she would’ve gone far with the girl tagging along.” Chen Siyang speculated. “The little girl seemed like she was only two or three years old.”

Jiang Yao immediately rushed out the door.

She was sitting in Wen Xuehui’s car when they reached her dormitory and since she was busy talking, she paid little attention to the people around them.

Jiang Yao went down the flight of stairs and saw two people standing under an olive tree after running along the walkway for five minutes. It was Lu Yuqing indeed.


Jiang Yao called out. “Why are you here? I was surprised when my roommate told me you came for me.”

Suddenly, the little girl turned her head back and ran toward Jiang Yao, clinging on to her leg and shouting excitedly, “Sister Yaoyao!”

“Chenchen!” Jiang Yao could not believe it. “Why are you here too?”

“You know this little girl?” Lu Yuqing was even more surprised that Jiang Yao knew her name. “I saw her on my way here and apparently she was lost and did not want to go to the police station. Instead, she insisted on tagging along, that’s why I brought her along to come visit you.”

“Of course I do! Her name is Huang Chenchen, I know both her father and grandfather too.” Jiang Yao lifted Huang Chenchen up and gently asked, “Why are you lost? Was someone else with you?”

“I sneaked out, nobody knows about it.”Huang Chenchen smiled sweetly. “You can’t tell daddy, Sister Yaoyao!”

“You sneaked out?” Jiang Yao was speechless. “When?”

“In the morning after Daddy went to work! Sister Yuqing treated me to a wonderful lunch just now, we had western food, I loved it!” Huang Chenchen wrapped her arms around Jiang Yao’s neck and laughed happily, not showing any signs of distress at all.

“It’s really hot out here under the sun, let’s find some shade.” Lu Yuqing had enough of Huang Chenchen who was just crying really sadly. Fortunately, it was not a case of a missing child.

Jiang Yao nodded and took out her cell phone wanting to call Lu Xingzhi and let him know that she had arrived safely.

Before she called him, Jiang Yao dialed Huang Chenjing’s number and told him that his precious daughter was currently with her.

Huang Chengjing sat slumped on his office couch with relief written across his face when he heard the news from Jiang Yao. “I was so frightened! We have been looking for her and the police were involved too. I didn’t expect her to be with you. Give me twenty minutes, I’ll be right there!”

Twenty minutes was the shortest time possible for Huang Chengjing to reach Jiang Yao’s school campus from his office. Obviously, he was extremely anxious.