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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 532 - Nanjiang City

Chapter 532: Nanjiang City

The plane landed right on time at Nanjiang City Airport. While it was freezing in Jin City, the temperature at Nanjiang City recorded a high thirty-degree celsius. Jiang Yao was instantly overwhelmed by the heat the moment she stepped into the airport terminal.

“Jiang Yao! Jiang Yao! Over here!”

Wen Xuehui had been waiting at the airport for half an hour. Jiang Yao texted her when she bought her flight tickets, and Wen Xuehui, being the good friend she was, promised to pick her up at the airport.

Jiang Yao heard a loud voice and saw a person waving her hands while running toward her. She was immediately greeted with a big hug.

“I missed you so much! Isn’t your break a little longer than usual? Leaving on the afternoon of the last day of September and only coming back in November.” Wen Xuehui clung onto Jiang Yao and bounced around like a bunny. “How’s your husband doing with his injury?”

“He’s getting better and will be starting training in two days.” Jiang Yao smiled and followed Wen Xuehui into her car.

Wen Xuehui drove Chancellor Wen’s car. Even though she was only a university freshman, Chancellor Wen was fine with her driving as she had a driver’s license, and also due to her slightly rebellious nature.

“Let’s eat! I’ll give you a ride back to school afterward.” Wen Xuehui implored Jiang Yao to get into the car as the weather was unforgivingly hot.

Jiang Yao opened the passenger-side door and saw a white ball of fur in the back seat. Hearing the sound of an opened door, Moe looked up at her lazily and went back to sleep without saying anything.

That was all she needed to know where she stood in Moe’s heart.

She did ask if he wanted to tag along before leaving for Jin City but was rejected by the cat. Wen Xuehui brought him home during the break and took him back to the dorms again when the semester started.

“He did not trouble you, right?” Jiang Yao asked.

Enraged by the question, Moe meowed and retorted, “What am I? A low-intelligent being who needs to be doted upon?”

Naturally, Wen Xuehui could not hear what he said, but hearing his meowing sound piqued her interest. She looked at him amusingly and remarked to Jiang Yao, “Look at you, even Moe was upset at what you said!”

Upset? More like he was derisive of primitive life-forms.

“Don’t worry, he was easy to take care of, even my parents were fond of him. He would nap on the couch during the day and only eat when food is provided.” Wen Xuehui adored Moe. “My mother said that he’s a very easy cat who’s not picky with his food, unlike other imported cat breeds that need a ton of care.”

Praised by Wen Xuehui, Moe wagged his tail in proud defiance at Jiang Yao’s face. Unfortunately, his tail was too short to reach her.

As they drove into Nanjiang City, Wen Xuehui stopped the car in front of Riya Restaurant.

Baffled, Jiang Yao asked, “I thought you wanted to treat me to lunch. What’s with this?”