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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 524 - Target Practice

Chapter 524: Target Practice

“Everyone who had their hands up was my doing.” Lu Xingzhi came clean and admitted. “Too bad you only wanted three volunteers. I was going to give him hell.”

He remarked regrettably, “I thought you would ask for more volunteers after that session.”

“We don’t have to go overboard with things.” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows. “He embarrassed himself with all the torment he went through and may catch a cold too.”

Lu Xingzhi nodded. “You know what to do if it happens again.”

Before adding, “Wherever you may be.”

Jiang Yao was, at the moment, sizing up the surgery scar on his chest and wondering to herself whether the Medical System was able to prepare a concoction to remove the scar. She did not hear what he said but nodded in acknowledgment anyway.

True to her words, Doctor Lin fell sick the next day. Jiang Yao was all smiles when she heard the news from Zhou Junmin.

“Jiang Yao, that’s how you should deal with Doctor Lin, give him hell! Treating the soldiers based on their social background, that boot-licking, power-hungry jerk deserved it,” Zhou Junmin said. “He was probably thinking of landing the position and using it as leverage when he requests for a transfer.”

“I heard that he’s returning to his previous workplace in two months, taking up the role of Deputy Chief Medical Officer.” Colonel Lin found this information after some sleuthing the day before. “He used to work at the Jindo City Military Hospital.”

Lu Xingzhi got the message and made a mental note to call Director Lee once he got home.

Due to his conditions, Lu Xingzhi was not able to attend training during the day. As he had promised Jiang Yao he would teach her how to use a gun, they went to the firing range instead.

He deliberately chose a time where there would be nobody around. They were the only ones there in the massive open-air firing range.

“We’ll get you up to speed on some basics today. When you return to Nanjiang City, look for a shooting range or a training club where you can go practice every weekend. If you’re not free, you can always come back here during winter break and train.”

He changed his mind immediately. “Why don’t we buy a bigger house near where your school is and outfit it with a small shooting range?”

“Alright, I’ll check it out when I return,” Jiang Yao affirmed. There was no room for ambiguity when it came to protecting herself.

Manager Sun should know about it. Otherwise, Huang Chengjing would probably know too. If Nanjiang City did not have a shooting range, she would have Manager Sun seek out a suitable residence for her then.

Lu Xingzhi opted to teach Jiang Yao pistol shooting and chose a ten-meter target. After setting up the target, he began explaining.

The thing about marksmanship was that, aside from theoretical understanding and practical implementation, talent was also a crucial factor. Of course, consistent training was still the most important element.

When talking to Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi did not raise his voice, like he would when training his soldiers. Even though he sounded dispassionate, Jiang Yao paid full attention to what was taught.