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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 516 - She Made Him Angry

Chapter 516: She Made Him Angry

Old Man Du was filled of disbelief when he asked Du Chen the question, bewilderment written all over his wrinkled face.

Even the chauffeur was shocked. A dumb person would have chosen to stand up again over lengthening the life of a distant family member.

“I know what you want to say, Grandpa, but there’s always hope as long as a person is alive, isn’t that right? Perhaps two years is all we need to look for a suitable liver for the transplant surgery.” Du Chen smiled heartily. “Master Lu and Mrs. Lu both know the Divine Doctor. I’m very surprised that she actually offered to help us.”

Du Chen was even more surprised that Jiang Yao told Old Man Du directly.

If she really brought the medicine over, whether it’s a fake or a genuine one, he would owe Jiang Yao a massive favor.

Lu Xingzhi was in a bad mood; Jiang Yao was aware of it when he entered the car. And the acrimony lasted even until they arrived home.

She was at a loss for words at just how rotten his mood was.

It was no secret that Lu Xingzhi was infamous for his short-temper and lousy mood. Yet, it was usually reserved for outsiders. No matter how furious he was, the moment he was together with Jiang Yao, his temper would gradually soften. This was the first time he had put on a sour face in front of Jiang Yao for an extended period of time.

Jiang Yao had no idea why he was so mad.

Immediately upon arrival at home, Lu Xingzhi poured himself a glass of cold water and chugged it down. He then sat down on the couch in silence.

“Did Old Man Du say something?” Jiang Yao sat down next to Lu Xingzhi and was just about to console him when he immediately moved away, leaving a space between them.


Jiang Yao was surprised.

So it was her that made him angry.

What did she do?

“Come here, Lu Xingzhi, let’s have a talk.” Jiang Yao nuzzled close to Lu Xingzhi and touched him with her arms, putting their elbows together. “What did I do? You’ve at least got to let me know!”

Fortunately, Lu Xingzhi did not move away. He looked down at their touching elbows and shifted his gaze toward the lady next to her.

“So, you seemed happy talking to Du Chen. What were you talking about? I think you’re very concerned about him, doing him a favor in front of Old Man Du? Portraying him as a loyal and filial grandson.”

Lu Xingzhi was irritated; he was busy dealing with Old Man Du but instead of focusing her attention on him, Jiang Yao was chatting with Du Chen?


Jiang Yao burst out laughing.

The more she looked at his sullen face, the louder she laughed. As she laughed, she embraced Lu Xingzhi.

Even though he was angry, Lu Xingzhi was pleased to see Jiang Yao coming onto him. He wrapped his arms around her, lifted her up and placed her on his lap.