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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 514 - Not Sorry

Chapter 514: Not Sorry

Du Chen got really quiet after speaking and looked toward Lu Xingzhi and Old Man Du.

Jiang Yao curled her lips slightly at Du Chen’s reply. That was a dumb question.

When Lu Xingzhi forcefully changed the narrative to a murder-for-hire situation, there was already zero room for discussion. He would never compromise on his stance.

“I thought Old Man Du is not very fond of you, why are you able to accompany him here today?” Jiang Yao was puzzled to see two wheelchairs retrieved from the trunk of the car. Even if Old Man Du wanted to come, he would have brought someone stronger along.

“I’m the only one willing to cover up for him,” Du Chen replied.

As the conversation ended, both did not speak again.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi before shifting her gaze to Du Chen. What a weird character, she thought.

She could not point out where the weirdness was. He seemed to be a harmless and soft-spoken person when she first saw him, but apparently there was more to him than meets the eye.

“Du Chen, I have a question for you.” After a slight hesitation, Jiang Yao moved her face closer to the opened window and asked, “Don’t you feel sorry that you’re not able to stand up again? If I say that I can mend your legs and let you stand again, do you regret not stopping your mother and aunt from driving me away at the hospital?”

Du Chen’s eyes flickered as surprised flashed through his face. After a few seconds of silence, he finally smiled. “You knew it all along.”

Suddenly, his secrets were not that secretive anymore.

Yet, there was no regret.

“If we did not drive you away, I may become your first surgical failure.” Du Chen smiled. “Before Old Man Du’s death, I cannot stand up; it will only mean something after I’ve gotten what I want from him. What if my disability is no longer there? I will still be a useless person. I’d rather be a useless disabled person. At least, I have the sympathy of other people.”

Du Chen’s nonchalant reply startled Jiang Yao. She grew up in a peaceful family and lived a life free of conflict. That was why she could not empathize with Du Chen and his chaotic familial affairs.

She finally realized why she thought that Du Chen was a weird person.

Was he the good guy?

Absolutely not.

Someone who was ruthless toward himself could not be the good guy.

Yet she did not hate him, even though he knew her secret and was actually a vicious character.

Deep in her heart, she could not find even a tiny trace of hatred for Du Chen.

This was what she found weird.