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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Deal!

The airport in the city was just a few years old. It was a small airport that accommodated several domestic flights, so it was not as crowded as the large international airport in Jin City.

Jiang Yao rubbed her sleepy eyes and walked like a corpse across the airport as she was led by Lu Xingzhi. As she walked lazily, she even yawned with her mouth wide open.

As the broadcast of the flight times echoed across the airport hall, Jiang Yao realized that Lu Xingzhi had left the house at the very last minute. As soon as they arrived at the airport, he was just in time to check-in and board the flight.

“Hurry! Hurry up!” Jiang Yao shook off his hand and pushed him towards the gate.

Glancing at her little impatient face, Lu Xingzhi bowed his head and kissed her. He even nipped her lips until she yelled in pain. He let go of her but increased the intensity of the kiss, their tongues curling around each other like a pair of mating snakes.

The people pacing at the airport stared at the kissing couple in awe and shock. Although the current society was more open-minded than it had previously been, raw and intense kissing between couples was still a rare sight in public.

The kiss lasted a full five minutes until it was exactly the time for Lu Xingzhi to check-in and he had to end the kiss. However, he still held on Jiang Yao tightly and whispered, “Come see me on National Day, okay?”

The ‘okay?’ sounded like a tone for negotiation, yet it carried a vibe of seduction and allure.

Jiang Yao admitted defeat and nodded profusely. “Okay! Okay! I’ll go! Are you satisfied?” Gosh, this guy was unbelievable in the pestering department. Her initial intention was to give him a surprise visit, but from the looks of it, she bet he might continue to pester her regardless of his flight if she didn’t agree to his request there and then.

“Is that a yes? Deal?” Lu Xingzhi gaped in utmost surprise. He simply wanted to try his luck for the last time, but unexpectedly, the person who didn’t surrender after a whole night of torment had agreed to him now.

“Yes, yes, deal!” Jiang Yao uttered her answer anxiously, pushing the man who was unwilling to let her go. “Do you want to see if the plane will wait for you? Hurry and board the plane now!”

Eventually, Lu Xingzhi let go of her hand. He pinched her cheek and mumbled, “Such a good girl.” With her promise, his footsteps felt lighter and his departure not so devastating.

“When you get to the base, remember to call home,” Jiang Yao reminded Lu Xingzhi as she stood behind him and pushed him all the way to the gate.

Regardless of his perseverance, Lu Xingzhi boarded the plane eventually. After watching his flight take off and disappear into the dense cloud, Jiang Yao left the airport.

After thanking the driver for buying her breakfast, Jiang Yao sat in the car and smiled at the thought of Lu Xingzhi’s pestering.

Previously, she used to think that Lu Xingzhi was a reserved person by nature. The charismatic aura he exuded was rather intimidating and cold. But after spending two days with him, truth be told, Lu Xingzhi was childish and mischievous when he was with her.

Jiang Yao reached her place at around ten o’clock. She thanked the driver for the ride and entered the house, her body sore and exhausted.

There was no one at home at this moment. As she entered her room and witnessed the messy warzone after their passionate battle, she blushed and cursed the man who was currently on the plane.

The traces of last night’s passionate battle were imprinted on the silk bedsheets. She blushed timidly and began removing the bedsheets and placed them into the washing machine. In a swift motion, she cleaned the room and washed the laundry, including the set of clothes that he had changed into after taking a shower last night.

Lu Xingzhi had merely stayed at home for two days, but she felt the void and emptiness in the room after he left.

She had to admit that he had only been gone for over an hour, but she missed him already.