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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 508 - Training Instructor

Chapter 508: Training Instructor

Lin Wei, Colonel Lin’s son, answered the door. He looked at Jiang Yao with a sweet smile on his face and greeted them, “Uncle Lu, Auntie Lu!”

“What a good boy!” Jiang Yao rubbed his head. He was recently given a haircut by a barber his grandmother knew. It seemed like the barber was out of touch as he almost gave Lin Wei a bald head. The kid was upset and grumbled about the incident to his mother, adamant to not go for a haircut with his grandmother anymore.

Even though he did have a hobby of collecting weird specimens, he was a boy with a very pleasant temper, rarely irritated and always friendly. Jiang Yao was quite fond of him.

“Ah, you’re here! Come on in and have a seat! Sorry if my cooking is not that good, but Colonel Lin’s the one giving me the instructions. So, if the taste is bad, blame him.” Mrs. Lin was busy setting up the table as she greeted her guests.

Colonel Lin was not happy to hear his wife shifting the blame onto him.

“Don’t listen to her babbling! I gave good instructions, she was the one that could not follow them with sugar becoming salt, and soy sauce becoming vinegar!” Colonel Lin was on a roll. “I don’t know how she teaches kids at school when she can’t even identify the most basic cooking ingredients!”

Mrs. Lin was not upset; it was already known that her cooking skills were considerably lacking. However, she knew Jiang Yao was alright with her cooking as it was the intention that mattered.

Even though Colonel Lin kept belittling Mrs. Lin’s cooking, the food was actually pretty decent. Mrs. Lin knew that Jiang Yao preferred her food to be a little lighter in flavor, so she prepared it accordingly.

“The notice for the training program has been posted on the bulletin board. Your wife will be our training instructor,” Colonel Lin said, “The higher-ups see this training program as something essential and have arranged it as a part of the daily training for a few different platoons. Each of these platoons has a couple of doctors and professors from various major medical institutions as their instructor.”

“That was quick!” Jiang Yao remarked. “No wonder the soldiers in the platoon were so friendly toward me.”


“The other platoons had instructors from hospitals and medical schools, I’m just a first-year medical student, aren’t there any objections?” Jiang Yao asked.

“Of course, but the higher-ups wanted you to be the one, what else can the others say? You know your stuff very well and are very capable, show them what you know tomorrow, and they will take back their doubt and objections.” Colonel Lin continued, “These brats are lucky to have the legendary Divine Doctor as their instructor, what else do they want?”

Indeed, putting Jiang Yao as the instructor for the platoon was a decision that brought massive tension between the superiors, but with a strong backing, the doubters could do nothing.

Colonel Lin did not mention it, but the people who were backing Jiang Yao had high hopes on her, they were counting on her to educate and train the soldiers well.

He foresaw that the first training tomorrow would not be a calm one as plenty would be waiting for Jiang Yao to make a mistake.