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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 504 - A Few Years' Wait

Chapter 504: A Few Years’ Wait

Chen Xuyao nodded in acknowledgment and had Zhou Weiqi give his car keys to Jiang Yao, while both he and Zhou Weiqi would take his own car instead.

Mrs. Zhou was in big trouble this time round, having crossed Lu Xingzhi’s limit. That was why a kidnapping case became a murder conviction.

Frankly speaking, Chen Xuyao thought Jiang Yao was not harmed in the process, and was not really traumatized by the experience. Yet, Lu Xingzhi was genuinely angered, it seemed like his soft spot was Jiang Yao, his wife.

Including past events, Mrs. Zhou offended Lu Xingzhi thrice. With this incident, perhaps he wanted to get his revenge once and for all.

No wonder people said that the only person you could never cross among the Masters of Jindo was Lu Xingzhi.

Wanting Mrs. Zhou to stay in prison longer, Lu Xingzhi was willing to put a charge of attempted murder of a military family on her.

Tonight, they decided to have dinner at a hot pot restaurant instead.

Lu Xingzhi drove, with Jiang Yao in the passenger seat.

“When Weiqi told me that we were being followed, I was genuinely afraid! Fortunately, nothing bad happened.” Jiang Yao rested her head on her hand and looked at Lu Xingzhi intently. “Were you frightened as well?”

She still remembered the moment he dashed out of the car and ran toward her.

He was facing away from the warm afternoon sun. As he ran, the sleeves of his shirt sliced through the air like sharp daggers, his cold yet handsome face was filled with concern, his eyes, black as coal, stabbed through the air into her heart.

“After returning to Jin City, I will have people wipe off your presence here in Jindo City. Even though I was worried, I wanted to hold your hand and tell the world that you are mine. That’s why I was bringing you around these past few days. Yet, receiving your phone call today, I realized, the fear never left.”

Lu Xingzhi’s voice was low and distant, like the ringing of a bell from a monastery in the mountains.

“It’s not time yet,” he said.

He realized that he was not strong enough to protect Jiang Yao from all danger.

Yes, he wanted to declare to the world that Jiang Yao was his wife, but he was more concerned about her safety.

This slightly amusing and ridiculous incident today had him thinking.

“A few more years.” He promised. “Just wait a few more years.”

Jiang Yao did not know what he had in his mind, but her heart fluttered hearing his promise.

She smiled. “Don’t forget that I have my own powers too!”