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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 466 - Chomp and Gnaw

Chapter 466: Chomp and Gnaw

“Brother Lu, are you guys still in Kin City? Are you free now?” Zhou Weiqi asked casually. “Mr., Mrs. Du and Zhou Changkang want to see you and apologize to Jiang Yao.”

“We’re in an alley here at Kinli; do you know the tea shop Deep Alley? My car is parked at the entrance to the alley. Once you see it, walk further down into the alley and you’ll see it. We are on the second floor.” Since they were here to apologize, there was no need to stop them from doing so.

Jiang Yao asked, “Is Weiqi here for his dad?”

“He’s not that dumb. He knew I was the one behind it, he wouldn’t come all the way here just for that,” Lu Xingzhi answered calmly.

Seeing Jiang Yao’s puzzled expression, he explained, “Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Ning want to apologize.” Just as he stopped speaking, he stood up and wrapped the scarf around Jiang Yao’s neck.

“It’s too warm!” Jiang Yao slapped Lu Xingzhi’s hand. “Don’t you see how warm it is in here?”

Lu Xingzhi coughed a little. With a raspy voice, he hinted, “There’re kiss marks on your neck.”

As if on cue, Jiang Yao frantically adjusted her scarf, deciding then and there that she would not remove it no matter how hot the weather became. She stared at the person-in-question angrily and said, “What are you, a dog? Chomping and gnawing off like there’s no tomorrow!”

“Couldn’t help it.” Lu Xingzhi grinned. “What do you want to drink? Wolfberry tea? Hot milk?”

“Wolfberry tea sounds good.” Jiang Yao’s attention was instantly shifted away by his question. Looking at the menu, she added a fruit platter and a piece of cake to the order.

The Zhou family lived not far from where Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao were currently at. They arrived as soon as their food was served.

There were six of them; two from the Du family, three from the Zhou family and including Zhou Weiqi the sixth person. Lu Xingzhi motioned for Zhou Weiqi to take a seat, and ordered a cup of herbal tea for him, ignoring the rest of the pack.

Zhou Weiqi did not heed Zhou Changkang’s winking and immediately sat himself down. Seeing the cake on the table, he took a large bite and said, “Pretty good! Perfect for me since I’ve just woken up and not eaten anything yet.”

Jiang Yao immediately ordered some more food and did not concern herself with her hijacked cake.

Zhou Changkang stood at the side and looked at them. He finally saw Lu Xingzhi’s wife. Just as Zhou Ning said, she looked unfamiliar, never seen in Jindo City.

He was sure that he would never forget a face like hers if he ever saw her himself.

“Master Lu, Mrs. Lu, we are very sorry for what happened yesterday. My mom and my sister were disrespectful and offended you both.” Zhou Changkang shifted his gaze away after a few moments of observation. He knew deep down that however pretty Mrs. Lu was, he could never get too close to her.