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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 463 - : Apologize

Chapter 463: Apologize

“Dad, Mom, it’s fine. It’s been years since and I’ve gotten used to it. Why did you have to humiliate yourself by begging for help?” Du Chen consoled his parents.

“No, it’s not fine! You’re our only son! Even if I’ve to die for you to stand up, I’ll do it!” Mrs. Du hurriedly dried her tears, and to Mr. Du she said, “Your sister and Zhou Ning should apologize to Master Lu! We’ll need Zhou Weiqi’s help, there’s still a way! I know it!”

Du Shihua finally got back to his senses. Du Rongzhen and Zhou Ning had to apologize, that was for sure. Regardless of whether the Divine Doctor was in the picture, the mother-daughter duo would have to do it anyway, for Mr. Zhou.

The Zhou family was a mess right now. Zhou Changkang returned to the Zhou family exhausted, after a night with little rest, teetering at the edge of collapse.

“How’re things with Dad?” Zhou Ning did not get any sleep too since Mr. Zhou was taken away. He was gone early morning—a little after midnight. The Zhou family visited many contacts since but did not get to even see Mr. Zhou once.

Zhou Changkang looked at her mother and sister like a man watching the clowns in a circus.

“Dad was taken away because he offended someone. I spent a considerable amount of my energy to find out that the Liang family was behind it, but Lu Xingzhi was the one that ordered the detainment.” Zhou Changkang was furious. “Uncle Du called me just now and told me that you actually insulted Master Lu’s wife in front of his face, twice? My dear mother and sister, that’s very brave of you.”

Zhou Changkang did not know what went down at home as he was away yesterday. He quickly returned home after receiving the call from Du Shihua.

“What?! Wife?” Mrs. Zhou’s body shuddered violently. She only lashed out at one woman yesterday. After Mr. Zhou’s angry departure last night, Mrs. Zhou realized that the woman was perhaps someone important to Lu Xingzhi. Yet, she did not know that the woman herself was actually Lu Xingzhi’s wife!

“Impossible! I’ve not heard any news about Lu Xingzhi’s wedding!” Zhou Ning shook her head in disbelief. “That woman is not Lu Xingzhi’s wife! Not once have I seen her in Jindo City’s social circle. Why would Lu Xingzhi marry someone without fame and money, an unknown person? Nobody attended his wedding too!”

“Master Lu said it to Uncle Du himself; do you think he’s lying to us? Who do you think we are? The Zhou family is past its prime! Don’t you get it? Plus, Master Lu has no connections with us, why should he invite us to his wedding?” Zhou Changkang reached his tipping point and slammed the coffee table with his hand.

Zhou Ning was stunned by his sudden outburst and stopped crying.

“What can we do now?” Without Mr. Zhou, Zhou Changkang was now the decision-maker of the family.

“What else? You and Ning get yourselves over to Master Lu and apologize!” Zhou Changkang exclaimed.

Zhou Ning immediately responded, “I would never go! Over my dead body!”