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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 462 - I Did It

Chapter 462: I Did It

“I heard it.” Lu Xingzhi was not in a hurry to answer the call. Instead, he spent the next ten minutes making out with Jiang Yao, stopping only when his little member showed signs of going erect again. He rolled to the side and took a few deep breaths.

It was an unknown number. Lu Xingzhi picked up the call and after hearing who it was on the other end, became a little annoyed.

“I’ll cook, you should get some sleep.” Lu Xingzhi kissed Jiang Yao on her forehead and tucked her into bed. He then changed into comfortable clothing while listening to the person on the other end of the line.

Du Shihua called, obviously for matters pertaining to the Divine Doctor.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too early to ask what the two conditions are?” Lu Xingzhi walked to the living room and opened the windows. He then entered the kitchen, went through the refrigerator before retrieving the ingredients he was going to cook for lunch today.

Du Shihua instinctively replied, “Are you going back on your words? Do you now refuse to introduce the Divine Doctor?”

“Why should I help the Dus and the Zhous? Oh, before I forget, why do you have time to talk to me? Shouldn’t you concern yourself with your brother-in-law, who’s with the disciplinary committee right now?”

Lu Xingzhi said it nonchalantly, just as Du Shihua broke out in a cold sweat.

Mr. Zhou was invited by the people from the disciplinary committee to a questioning last night. He had not returned since. Only a few knew about the incident, how did Lu Xingzhi know?

“Did you do it?” Du Shihua knew better.

“Yeah.” Lu Xingzhi laughed. “Tell your sister this: come talk to me about the Divine Doctor only when she and Zhou Ning have figured out what’s wrong.”

“Why did you have to do that to Mr. Zhou? Nobody is gonna say anything if you don’t want to help us!” Du Shihua almost choked himself in rage. Lu Xingzhi was not a person to mess with; he had extremely grisly means to get things done and knew enough people who would execute it. Even though Du Shihua was infuriated, he dared not speak against Lu Xingzhi for fear of his retribution.

One wrong move and he might actually see Mr. Zhou soon, behind bars.

“Well then, please let Mrs. and Ms. Zhou know that insulting my wife is never the right thing to do!”

He hung up the phone right after.

“Wife? Wife?”

Du Shihua could not fathom what he just heard. He grabbed his phone tightly, his hands shivering out of control.

“What’s going on? Whose wife? What are you saying? Did you ask Master Lu?” Mrs. Du pushed her husband impatiently.

“Ask?! Rongzhen and Ning had the audacity to ridicule Mrs. Lu right in the face of Master Lu! Why would he still help us?” Du Shihua smashed his phone on the floor out of sheer exasperation.

Mrs. Du broke out in tears after hearing it.

“It’s all your sister’s fault! It’s all her fault! A bitch through and through! If only she didn’t offend Master Lu and Mrs. Lu, we would still have a chance!” Mrs. Du sat on the floor wailing.

The commotion in the living room surprised the person outside. Du Chen pushed himself indoors and saw his parents in a huge wreck. Yet, he was calm after hearing their conversation.