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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 460 - You’re Dead!

Chapter 460: You’re Dead!

Whenever Lu Xingzhi had errands to run in Jindo City, he would spend the night here. That was why the house was well-stocked with toiletries and plenty of his personal items. After wiping his body dry, he put on a bathrobe and approached Jiang Yao, who was wrapped in a blanket daydreaming.

“Feeling chilly?” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Jiang Yao shook her head and sat up straight. ‘So hot!’ Her little heart went bonkers seeing the handsome human specimen standing right in front of her.

His hair was still dripping wet, coupled with his clean buzzcut, the water droplets raced down his forehead and landed at his chest, where they continued to flow down to the void hidden behind the bathrobe.

“Your hair’s still wet.” Jiang Yao realized her voice sounded unusually hoarse.

Lu Xingzhi looked at her and smiled. Pretending not to see her blushed face, he retrieved a clean towel from the wardrobe and quickly wiped his hair dry.

“Where do you want to go tomorrow?” Lu Xingzhi got into the blanket and pulled Jiang Yao toward him.

“Nowhere,” Jiang Yao answered honestly. “Let’s stay indoors. You’ve just been discharged from the hospital; you still need plenty of rest.”

“Tsk, I’m not that weak.” Lu Xingzhi heeded no attention to her concern. “We’ll figure it out tomorrow morning.”

Jiang Yao did not like the cold and had her jacket on even though Lu Xingzhi had turned on the heating as soon as they arrived.

“Let me take off your jacket.”

He did not mind doing it for her.

Not being able to get physical with Jiang Yao, despite seeing her every waking moment was a huge torment for Lu Xingzhi.

That was why he had people come over earlier to clean the place up, as to have some solitary time with Jiang Yao.

“Cut those weird thoughts of yours out, Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao grabbed hold of the hand that was trying to strip her down and glared at him. “Lie on the bed, close your eyes and go to sleep!”

“It has been half a month, plus you’re going back to Nanjiang City in two days! That makes it, what, almost ninety days until I can see you again! Don’t you think that’s unfair?” Lu Xingzhi lamented.

“That’s your problem!” Jiang Yao tried to slither her way out of Lu Xingzhi’s embrace. He was faster though, and instantly pushed himself down on to her.

Jiang Yao was startled by Lu Xingzhi’s sudden movements and could only struggle violently, in hopes of breaking free from his stranglehold.

Suddenly, she felt something hard pressing against her nose, something burning hot at that. She lifted her hand and touched it, to which Lu Xingzhi softly moaned. She knew then and there what she just touched!

“Lu Xingzhi! I’m going to murder you!” Jiang Yao exploded.

There was nothing underneath his bathrobe. And after the struggle in bed, the bathrobe came loose, exposing everything right before Jiang Yao.