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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 457 - A Familiar Face

Chapter 457: A Familiar Face

Jiang Yao listened intently to what Chen Xuyao had to say. She never thought that Lu Xingzhi was such an eccentric person.

If not for Chen Xuyao’s account, she would never get to know how Lu Xingzhi was during his schooling days.

He might be a man of few words, but he was an unfettered soul, free and independent—the character typical of a young man. As time passed, he came to be more mature and reliable, leaving his younger, carefree self, behind in time.

Jiang Yao felt a little sorry for herself that she was not there with him during his youthful days.

Lu Xingzhi did not interrupt Chen Xuyao while he was speaking, seeing Jiang Yao’s full-fledged focus on his narration. Only when Chen Xuyao was done did Lu Xingzhi grab hold of Jiang Yao and gently pulled her toward himself.

“Mind the crowd here.” Lu Xingzhi reminded her, “There’re many people carrying rough stones around. It would hurt a lot if you bump into one.”

“Weren’t you asking what Uncle Cai was here for tonight?” Lu Xingzhi pointed at the people going on about their tasks and said, “He is here to interpret stones. The owner of the Purple Orchid Garden knows Uncle Cai very well; whenever activities are going on here, Uncle Cai will be present as well.”

Lu Xingzhi pointed at a rough stone sitting nearby. In his eyes, they looked just like regular concrete bricks found at the side of the road.

“The rough stones are classified into different grades. The event tonight is a pretty interesting one. The rough stones are sold by their weight, the numbers in front of them their price per pound. After you’ve chosen one, you pay for it over there, and if you want it, you bring it to Uncle Cai to see what’s in the stone.” Lu Xingzhi dragged Jiang Yao out of the way of a man who seemed to be carrying a stone of at least fifty pounds in weight. “The event has just started, that’s why it seemed a little quiet over at Master Cai’s location. I suppose it is getting crowded there too, right now.”

They strolled along for a while and found themselves in a compound deep inside the venue. It was a quiet place, with less people around compared to the previous compounds they passed on their way here.

The people that were found here were either extremely rich or powerful.

“Is this the place where the rough stones with the highest grades are sold?” Jiang Yao guessed.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar face!

“Mr. Huang!” Jiang Yao had a good impression of Mr. Huang, so after noticing him, she called out.

She was wrapped up like a ball though and looked like a high schooler under all the fluff. Even though Huang Chengjing heard a familiar voice calling out to him, he did not know where it came from, until he saw Lu Xingzhi, and the little ball of fabric standing next to him.

Huang Chengjing spoke quickly to his assistant and walked toward Jiang Yao and the gang. He examined her outfit, and laughed, “This is a little odd for me, Miss Jiang, I thought you looked like Chenchen! If not for Master Lu here, I wouldn’t have realized it was you.”