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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 456 - Mentor

Chapter 456: Mentor

“Isn’t Master Cai your mentor?” Jiang Yao scanned the room, observing the people going about their business. “He’s located not that far from here, and yet it’s not as crowded. What’s his business here tonight?”

“Well, Brother Lu cannot actually be considered as Master Cai’s disciple,” Chen Xuyao explained. He looked at Lu Xingzhi and seeing his lack of reaction, continued, “It was a coincidence that Brother Lu got to know stone gambling back then. He found it fascinating and heard that Master Cai was well-known for his skills among the insiders and decided to be an apprentice under him. I still remember the first time he visited Master Cai; he was dressed in uniform and Master Cai, seeing that, chased him out with a broom!”

“What happened after?” Jiang Yao kept playing the image of Lu Xingzhi chased out of the door by Master Cai in her mind, it was hilarious no matter how she saw it.

“Aren’t you familiar with Brother Lu’s temperament? The things he set his mind on will be achieved no matter what it takes. Since Master Cai did not want to accept him as his disciple, he snooped in when Master Cai’s lessons were ongoing and eavesdropped on his teachings. Two hours after, he had the audacity to approach Master Cai and tell him that since he heard everything, Master Cai is his mentor now. Once again, he was beaten out of the door.”

Chen Xuyao got excited as he continued, “I am not kidding when I said he was beaten out of the door. Brother Lu came back with bruises on his body; he had to go to the school clinic to get them treated. Ever since then, Brother Lu would go to Master Cai’s whenever he can. Master Cai could not do anything and just let him be. To tell the truth, Brother Lu spent probably less than half a year there with Master Cai, but with his intelligence he managed to pick up a lot of things.”

“I see. It was not an official teacher-student relationship.” Jiang Yao understood immediately.

“Master Cai’s frosty response toward Brother Lu is not caused by this incident, however. Brother Lu left once he learned everything he wanted. There was a time when Master Cai asked Brother Lu to go for a stone gambling conference with him. Brother Lu replied that he was not interested and did not plan to further his career in the field. Once he is done with school, he will enter the army. Master Cai almost choked receiving the news, he was infuriated.”

Lu Xingzhi was tenacious and would see to the end whatever he wanted to achieve. His attitude caused Master Cai to misinterpret it as a sign that he wanted to forgo his military career and start anew with stone gambling. Even though Master Cai did not officially admit that Lu Xingzhi was his disciple, he still taught Lu Xingzhi plenty. He would not have invited Lu Xingzhi to the conference if he did not want him to do well in the field.

Who would have thought that Lu Xingzhi gave up on the opportunity, joined the army and actually managed to score big on a rough stone he bought using just three thousand dollars?

Never in Master Cai’s life had he seen a person living his life in such a carefree manner and in any way as he pleased. He was offended and thought Lu Xingzhi did that just to mess with him, that explained the frosty reception toward Lu Xingzhi.

Chen Xuyao knew, however, that Master Cai liked Lu Xingzhi. After all, Lu Xingzhi was a very clever person and was a fast learner. Whatever he chose to do, his future was destined to be brilliant.