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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 452 - Ignorant

Chapter 452: Ignorant

Mr. Zhou’s expression darkened. Was the Du family holding them for ransom by demanding retribution? Yet, as Zhou Weiqi explicitly said, he himself did not have the courage to ask for the favor, what else did the Du family want?

Coincidentally, the doorbell rang right at that moment. The servant went out, looked, and announced, “Master Lu is here standing outside with a girl.”

“Open the doors, let them in!” Upon hearing Lu Xingzhi’s arrival, Mrs. Du quickly had the servant open the doors.

“Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself here, Mrs. Du? I don’t suppose this is the Du family’s house.” Zhou Weiqi took a jab at Mrs. Du.

He grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.

“Zhou Weiqi!” Mrs. Zhou quivered in rage. How dare Zhou Weiqi insult her sister-in-law!

Seeing Zhou Weiqi’s approach, Lu Xingzhi stood outside, scanned the people in the house and said coldly, “Are you hounding Weiqi for the Divine Doctor?”

The occupants in the house were surprised. They did not expect Lu Xingzhi himself to mention the Divine Doctor. Mr. and Mrs. Du’s faces lit up.

“That’s right! We would like the Divine Doctor’s opinion on Du Chen’s leg. We are wondering if Master Lu is able to connect us with the Divine Doctor?” Du Shihua quickly asked. His tone softened and was very courteous when he spoke to Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi chuckled. “Indeed, I know the Divine Doctor very well. But don’t you think it’s a little too much for the bastard son of the Zhou family to actually come to me for the favor?”

They had no qualms treating Zhou Weiqi badly. Yet when the situation aroused needing Zhou Weiqi’s involvement, they had the audacity to demand his help!

Oh, he knew the Divine Doctor well! Who else knew Jiang Yao—his wife—better than he did?

“Aren’t you buddies?” Zhou Ning replied.

“I remember hearing that the Zhou family declared Weiqi as a joke among us, and is not fit to be in our gang?” Lu Xingzhi had no respect for the Zhou and the Du family.

They squandered away Zhou Weiqi’s future just like that!

Before they could speak, Jiang Yao added, “Only under two conditions are you allowed to see the Divine Doctor.”

“Who are you to speak here!” Mrs. Zhou finally recognized the woman standing beside Lu Xingzhi, she was the same person hanging out with Zhou Weiqi back at the charity auction.

“Fools.” Lu Xingzhi could not hide his displeasure and immediately left with Jiang Yao.

“Interesting. Very interesting indeed.” Zhou Weiqi repeated Lu Xingzhi’s remark, “Fools.” He got in his car and left immediately.

Interesting, indeed!

The Divine Doctor that the Du and Zhou family wanted to see was right there standing in front of them!

Lu Xingzhi looked extremely frightening even after leaving the Zhou family. He did not start the car immediately, instead, he dialed a number on his cell phone and said, “No matter what it takes, do it quickly. I want to see him inside tomorrow morning.”

Once he hung up the phone, he started the car and left with Jiang Yao.

Mr. Zhou could not contain his anger and gave Mrs. Zhou a good, hard slap on the face. “You fool! How could you upset Lu Xingzhi’s woman? The audacity you have! Great, now they’re never going to help us! Whatever happens to Du Chen is not my concern now! I’m done!”