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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 447 - Little Wife

Chapter 447: Little Wife

“What’s with the sudden question?”

“I want a daughter like you,” Lu Xingzhi answered.

He decided to get the child version of what Jiang Yao was wearing, so that their daughter could wear it.

That was why he wanted to know if they had an adorable daughter, like her, together.

His beautiful wife, together with his cute daughter, that was all he wanted. Their own little family. His life would be complete when the time came.

“You went to Nanjiang Medical University back then? If you stayed at Jindo City for a few years, you would have gotten used to the cold.” Lu Xingzhi was reminded of this but felt a little weirded out after saying it. Let the past stay in the past, there was no point going after it again.

He believed that she did not come to Jindo City for work after her graduation, could it be that he transferred to where she worked back then?

Jiang Yao opened her mouth to reply but shut it at the last minute.

She did stay in Jin City but that was some years after, and she was there for only half a year. After he was transferred over, only then did she request to work at the rural village in the South.

She skipped the coldest times of the year during her stay at Jin City and left before it turned cold again; that was why she did not experience the brutal Northern winter.

Things were just as bad at the rural village though. With plenty of necessities lacking, the horrible weather compounded the already tough conditions she was living in. Her dislike of the cold was within her; she could never get over it.

The rest of the drive was silent. Jiang Yao was afraid that Lu Xingzhi would probe deeper and ask about the past, it was still embarrassing to talk about it. She pretended that she was completely absorbed in the drive and looked straight ahead.

Jiang Yao had a good memory. She visited the Liang family once and memorized the way to their house.

They were right on time as the party was just starting. The house was lively and bustling with noise. Old General Liang and General Chen were locked in an intense session of chess with Chen Xuyao and Liang Yueze spectating. Chen Xuyao was very much involved in the game and was even more eager than the two older people, commenting loudly and making noise, to the chagrin of the rest.

Mr. and Mrs. Liang Yuekai were on the other side playing a game of mahjong with Grandmother Liang and Chen Feitang. Mrs. Liang and Luo Ruoran were busy preparing dinner with the maids in the kitchen. In the living room, Mr. Liang and Chen Feibai could be seen staring each other down, with livid expressions on both their faces.

“What’s going on with those two?” Jiang Yao went straight to the kitchen after entering the house and asked after noticing the weird vibe in the living room.

“They got themselves into an argument after watching the news. Differences in political opinions, I suppose.” Luo Ruoran laughed. “I give Chen Feibai all my respect; he’s probably the only one daring enough to oppose Dad.”

After answering, Luo Ruoran looked at Jiang Yao and burst out laughing. She called out to Mrs. Liang and said, “Mom! Come look at Xingzhi’s underage wife!”