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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 445 - As Long as I Know It

Chapter 445: As Long as I Know It

What was waiting at the Zhou family for Zhou Weiqi was out of Jiang Yao’s comprehension. Chen Xuyao went straight to the Liang family’s house while Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi went back to Jin City after leaving the hotel together. On their way, Lu Xingzhi made a call and by the time they arrived at Jin City, a young man in a black suit and tie was there waiting at the guard house with a few paper bags in his hand.

Lu Xingzhi took the bags from him, thanked him and drove the car inside. The contents of the bags were clothes requested for Jiang Yao by Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao came out of the bathroom to see that Lu Xingzhi had already laid everything, including a scarf and a pair of gloves, on the bed. She put on the jacket just as Lu Xingzhi came around and wrapped the woolen scarf around her neck. He wrapped it two more times, stopping only after he was sure that the scarf would keep her warm.

“Isn’t this a little too much?” Jiang Yao sniffed. She was healthy and strong but having lived in the South for a long time meant that she was naturally averse to the cold.

“Give me your hands.” Lu Xingzhi did not care how she looked. He cared more about her not feeling cold in the chilly weather. After putting on the woolen gloves, he looked at the woolen hat, which was of the same series as the rest of the look and took it out after some hesitation.

“No! I don’t want to wear the hat!” Jiang Yao took a few steps back and refused. “It’s not even that cold! I’ll be laughed at if I walk out with the hat on!”

Some people were still wearing short skirts out on the street while she was here wrapped up like a furry polar bear.

“Come here.” Lu Xingzhi did not register Jiang Yao’s refusal. Using one hand, he pressed her head against his chest. He used his other hand and nimbly put on the pink woolen hat, looking satisfied after some adjustments.

He was pleased to see his wife wrapped up to a tee. After all, he did not like her exposing any part of her body when she was out and about. Only he could look at the clear and supple skin of his wife.

Jiang Yao looked in the mirror and was a little distraught seeing her outfit. She was dressed in pink from head to toe with a pink hat, a pink scarf, and a pair of pink gloves.

The scarf was wrapped a few times around her neck, covering her nose and mouth when she lowered her head. From the mirror, she could see that only her eyes were exposed. As she just came out of the shower, her eyes looked a little watery.

“Don’t you think I look like a high schooler?” Jiang Yao, who was wearing a pair of furry slippers, kicked Lu Xingzhi in the shins, who was dressing up. He put on a jacket with the same color scheme as her outfit.

“As long as I know that you are not, I don’t care about anything else.” Lu Xingzhi was not worried. He knew that his wife was not underage; what the rest said did not matter to him.

Lu Xingzhi’s heart softened seeing Jiang Yao’s sparkly eyes. He pulled her into her arms and kissed her on the forehead. Pinching the pom-pom on her heart, he happily led Jiang Yao out of the door.

Jiang Yao was the one driving to the Liang family. Knowing that Zhou Weiqi got her a driver’s license, Lu Xingzhi wanted to see her driving skills. If it were less than satisfactory, he would have to take back her driver’s license.