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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 444 - Think Carefully

Chapter 444: Think Carefully

Old General Liang and General Chen came rushing out just as the group of four exited the hall.

“Xingzhi, what was that all about?” Old General Liang was furious.

“I didn’t want both of you elders to fight and cause a scene in the auction hall, that’s why I had it returned to me,” Lu Xingzhi casually explained. “If you like it, you’re free to take it home with you. Just return it to me whenever you are done admiring the art piece.”

“I’ll have it first! Have someone send it over to the Liang family later!” Old General Liang reacted quickly and continued where Lu Xingzhi left off.

General Chen was annoyed. “Why does it have to be you?”

“That’s because Xingzhi is Yueze’s buddy! If Yueze calls me grandpa, Xingzhi has to follow suit as well!” Old General Liang was very pleased with himself.

General Chen had nothing to say in response. He looked at Lu Xingzhi’s wife, and sighed. His ideal granddaughter-in-law was now someone else’s wife.

“That’s it. You can split the art piece in two and take one half of it with you. I don’t mind.” Lu Xingzhi’s expression did not change when he said it.

He was greeted with eye-rolls in return.

“That’s very generous of you.” General Chen chided Lu Xingzhi. “Keep that art piece safe, its value will increase tremendously in the future!”

“Alright! Let’s admire it together, come over for dinner tonight!” Old General Liang cheerily said to General Chen and extended the invitation to Lu Xingzhi. “Come on over as well to the Liangs tonight. I’ll go with General Chen first, if you folks are busy, it’s fine to come a little later.”

“I’ll go right away; I am very free.” Chen Xuyao tucked his hands into the pockets of his pants and asked, “Jiang Yao, Brother Lu, are you guys going? Weiqi?”

“Jiang Yao needs a change of clothes; we’ll be there later,” Lu Xingzhi said. He turned to see Zhou Weiqi talking on his phone, and ending the call visibly upset. “Did the Zhou family ask you to go back?”

Zhou Weiqi nodded, rubbing his temples. “I need to go back.” It was his father on the other end of the line, reprimanding him for what happened just now in the afternoon.

“Weiqi.” Lu Xingzhi called out to Zhou Weiqi, who was on his way out. He walked over and pressed his hand on Zhou Weiqi’s shoulder. “Think carefully. Don’t ever think that you owe anyone anything. The person that takes the biggest blame in all these is the one that keeps saying he wants to atone for his mistakes.”

Not receiving any reply from Zhou Weiqi, Lu Xingzhi pushed him. “Think about the chance given to you by Jiang Yao. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to make a comeback and do what you want.”

“Thank you, Brother Lu, I’ll see you later.” Zhou Weiqi replied with a heavy heart. He sighed deeply and left.