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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 441 - Pampered

Chapter 441: Pampered

At the moment, a hairpin was being auctioned off. It was not an antique, but it came off the table of a master jeweler. The design was beautiful, the workmanship impeccable; a lively dragonfly perching on top a pink lotus flower, with wings so soft as if to flap in unison in the winds.

The maker himself was absent from the auction but had sent this hairpin over as an auction item. The moment it was placed on the auction table, a small commotion was stirred up in the crowd. It appeared to be very popular, especially among the ladies.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao and felt a light tremble from her hand.

“Do you like it?” Lu Xingzhi whispered. She looked at him earnestly and nodded, like a kid asking for candy; his heart instantly softened. “Just go for whatever you like, after all you have control over the purse. If there’s not enough money, it means that I am not capable enough.”

Jiang Yao really liked the hairpin. It was love at first sight, having caught her attention instantly. With the pink lotus flower and the lively dragonfly, everything looked so lovely.

“It’s not worth it if it’s too expensive.” Even though it looked amazing and came out of the hands of a master, its value was still incomparable to an actual antique.

Lu Xingzhi gave Jiang Yao’s hand a light pinch and raised his number card.

The rest of the bidders looked at their new competitor and realized it was Lu Xingzhi. The ladies were looking at the woman sitting beside Lu Xingzhi with envy.

Lu Xingzhi was perhaps at the auction to make some purchases for his partner. Amongst the Masters of Jindo, Lu Xingzhi was considered the one with the lowest profile. He stayed in the military most of the time and did not socialize as much as the others in Jindo City; only a few people in Jindo City had ever seen him personally. Yet, his rumors were as plenty as the rest of the gang.

Between the five Masters of Jindo, Master Liang had recently married the daughter of the Luo family; Master Gu was always abroad and even more secretive than Master Lu; Master Zhou was a playboy, changing his partner regularly while Master Chen had been seen with a couple of different women over the years.

Only Master Lu was never seen with a female companion. He was always seen alone, unaccompanied to any events, as his buddies attended with their partners.

Undeniably, the girl in question was lucky to be spoiled by Master Lu.

After a few rounds of bidding, the hairpin’s price was raised a little above the market price. Plenty gave up right away, leaving only a few wealthy ladies in a bidding war with Lu Xingzhi. He kept at it and raised the price higher and higher, until the last of the bidder stopped raising her card.

Lu Xingzhi got what he wanted.

“Squeezing his fortune dry just to see Jiang Yao’s smile!” Chen Xuyao returned after his phone call and teased Lu Xingzhi. The hairpin was auctioned off at twice its market price; with Lu Xingzhi the one purchasing it, all because Jiang Yao liked it.

Lu Xingzhi was expressionless, he replied, “Dry, eh?”

Jiang Yao laughed with her hand over her mouth. “Obviously, Brother Lu has a little more money than that!” She was not familiar with Lu Xingzhi’s other assets, but she was very sure that he had much more cash in his bank account than what he spent today.