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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 438 - Show Yourself Some Respect

Chapter 438: Show Yourself Some Respect

It is no surprise that the people of high society were constantly found embroiled in scandals and affairs of similar nature. Having illegitimate children in the family was not an issue exclusive to the Zhou family, but as far as the saying “do not wash your dirty linen in the public” went, the Zhou family was only dragging its name through the mud with Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Ning’s actions.

Did the mother and daughter duo not realize that Lu Xingzhi was right there?

It was obvious that the woman in Lu Xingzhi’s embrace was very important to him. Nobody had ever heard of a woman getting intimate with Lu Xingzhi, not even Chen Feitang had managed to do it. And yet Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Ning were brazen enough to include the unknown woman in their abuse of Zhou Weiqi.

The Zhou family had fallen out of prominence some years ago. Provoking Lu Xingzhi was just senseless; he had all the means to crush them. The only issue being when.

“What is going on here?” asked Old General Liang. He, along with General Chen, was just passing by when they witnessed the commotion.

“They snagged Master Zhou’s number card and tried to cause a scene.” The staff explained on the spot.

General Chen immediately knew that Zhou Ning was in on the chaos when he saw his own grandson, Chen Feibai, right there. He looked at the number card Zhou Ning was holding and snickered.

“Funny how you want the best seats without putting in an effort to contribute to the auction. Taking something that is not yours is not nice.” General Chen suggested earnestly, before turning toward Chen Feibai and barking, “Get yourself over here right now! Go and sit with your cousin; why are you fooling around with this little rascal girl?”

“I have got nothing to do with her!” Chen Feibai fervently denied his grandfather’s claims. “Your grandson right here has standards!”

With that, he walked away indignantly.

Everyone within earshot knew who General Chen was referring to as the ‘little rascal girl’. It was Zhou Ning, who was presently reduced to tears.

Lu Xingzhi participated in the rescue mission on National Day and was instrumental in bringing both Old General Liang and General Chen back safely. They had always treated Lu Xingzhi well; with this incident however, Lu Xingzhi was now held in even higher regard.

Mr. and Mrs. Du finally arrived but were met with the mess made by Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Ning. They kept apologizing, and were trying to look for excuses, before pushing for Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Ning to leave.

Du Shihua looked at Zhou Weiqi with the most vicious expression after the departure of the Zhous and even scolded, “Zhou Weiqi, they are your mother and sister!”

“So, what if they are? Do I have to play along with their foolish antics? They were demanding Brother Lu’s seat; should I have given them away without even asking for permission from the seat holder himself? I dared not!”

He moved toward seat number seven; it was Chen Xuyao’s spot. Lu Xingzhi most probably did not want anyone else sitting between himself and his wife. Coincidentally, Chen Xuyao came alone and did not have a companion.

‘Perfect,’ thought Zhou Weiqi. ‘I’ll sit beside Xuyao.’