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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 436 - Battle of The Seats

Chapter 436: Battle of The Seats

Disregarding Zhou Ning’s tear-filled eyes, Chen Feibai was scowling when he obtained his seat number given by the auction staff.

Coincidentally, Chen Feibai’s seat was right in front of Jiang Yao’s. A little surprised to see them there, he looked at Jiang Yao and Zhou Weiqi in silence and plopped onto the chair, slamming his number card onto the table.

Zhou Weiqi tried his best but could not contain his laughter. Between fits of laughter, he told Jiang Yao, “Zhou Ning has had a crush on Chen Feibai for the longest time, but he never did give her even a sliver of his attention. It’s so funny!”

Owing to Chen Feibai’s seat, Zhou Ning noticed the presence of Zhou Weiqi. She left quickly before returning with Mrs. Zhou, carrying a number card in her hand. They made a beeline for Zhou Weiqi and Jiang Yao, slamming the number card right in front of the confused duo and said, “We’re changing seats, you’re moving to number eleven.”

Zhou Weiqi reacted fast and snatched the number six card away. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhou Ning in silence.

“Zhou Weiqi! Didn’t you hear Ning’s request? Are you deaf?” Incensed, Mrs. Zhou looked at Jiang Yao and said condescendingly, “Oh, what do we have here? Another day, another woman? She doesn’t look as pretty as the one you had before.”

“You!” Zhou Weiqi had no qualms receiving abuse, but he could not allow Jiang Yao to be insulted. Infuriated, he stood up wanting to fight back but was immediately held down by Jiang Yao, who was shaking her head.

Mrs. Zhou and both Mr. and Mrs. Du were busy talking to Director Lee just now and did not notice Lu Xingzhi hugging Jiang Yao.

Hearing the commotion behind him, Chen Feibai turned around and looked at Mrs. Zhou and Zhou Ning in astonishment. His expression changed, his lips curled into a sly grin, and sat there as if he was watching a show.

“Zhou Weiqi, what’s an indigent fellow like you doing at an auction? Auctioning your new car off? Or yourself?” Zhou Ning noticed Chen Feibai’s fixated gaze and thought to herself how he was still paying attention to her. Therefore, she could not embarrass herself, not in front of Chen Feibai.

To Zhou Ning, losing to Zhou Weiqi and not getting the seat she wanted was humiliating.

“You are pretty good at seducing girls, it seems. If not, why would she get together with a person like you?” Zhou Ning looked condescendingly at the lady in white sitting next to Zhou Weiqi.

She felt a pang of jealousy seeing Jiang Yao’s face. Zhou Ning looked like her mother, plain and unremarkable, and despised women who were attractive. She got even more upset seeing the woman sitting in silence, expression unchanged.

Was she dumb? Why did she not talk back?

“Zhou Weiqi, won’t your father take back your new car if he knows how much trouble you caused here? Also, when are you moving back?” Mrs. Zhou had no respect for women who got together with a man just for his wealth. To her, this woman today was no different than the other women Zhou Weiqi had gotten himself involved with, a shameless gold-digger.