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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 434 - Hearsay

Chapter 434: Hearsay

“Director Lee, may we ask for your favor in helping us to find out who the Divine Doctor is? Do you mind connecting us to him? Perhaps he can mend Du Chen’s leg.” Mrs. Zhou was as courteous as she could be. They were the ones asking for favors, they dared not, even in the slightest bit, irk Director Lee.

Du Shihua was a little desperate. “I heard that the two patients sent here from the platoon at Jin City were operated on by the Divine Doctor. Even Colonel Lin, with his ghastly injury, was able to keep his leg. Surely the Divine Doctor can do the same for my son?”

“Director Lee, we beg you, please connect us with the Divine Doctor! We, the Du family, will fulfill any of his demands, all for the sake of our son’s leg!” Mrs. Du looked at Director Lee earnestly.

“Jiang Yao, they are asking about you!” Zhou Weiqi quietly approached Jiang Yao and lightly tapped her elbow.

“Mm.” Jiang Yao acknowledged Zhou Weiqi. She was curious to see what Director Lee’s reply would be. Previously at the hospital, in a bid to prevent knowledge of Jiang Yao’s endeavor from spreading around, he deliberately described her as a fierce and mean character. What would Director Lee say in the presence of the Zhou family and Du family?

Director Lee looked at the rapidly approaching people and hastily took a step back. “As the Divine Doctor does not work for us, I don’t know who she is. That favor of yours is tough on me.”

“Didn’t the Divine Doctor participate in both Colonel Lin’s and Lu Xingzhi’s operation; along with another soldier that was urgently transferred from Jin City hospital?” Mrs. Zhou frowned, unhappy at Director Lee’s deliberate reluctance to tell them who the Divine Doctor was.

“They seem to know a lot.” Lu Xingzhi’s voice dropped; it was frightening to hear. That was all Zhou Weiqi needed to know how angry Lu Xingzhi was right now.

Although the identity of the Divine Doctor was kept secret, everything that Jiang Yao did was brought to light. It was a precarious situation, what if the people responsible could not keep their mouths shut?

“Brother Lu, I think it’s time for Director Lee to have a meeting with his staff.” Zhou Weiqi rubbed his chin and continued, “Those lips are getting loose.”

Director Lee was unaware of Lu Xingzhi and the others observing him from mere steps away. He furrowed his brows and said, “The Divine Doctor did participate in all three operations, but she was initially here for Sergeant Lu. Perhaps Master Gu was the one that invited her from abroad. Or what if she was called upon by one of their buddies? Which reminds me, why don’t you ask Zhou Weiqi, since he’s part of the gang. It’s funny how you have an actual family member to ask, but chose to approach me, a stranger, instead.”

At the end of his sentence, he turned and started to walk away. Mrs. Zhou, Mr. and Mrs. Du were shocked to hear Director Lee’s reply; even more distraught at hearing the mention of Zhou Weiqi.

They had always regarded Zhou Weiqi with contempt, an illegitimate son born out of an extramarital affair. Yet, Director Lee wanted them to ask for a favor from Zhou Weiqi, the person they despised the most.

Du Shihua ran up to Director Lee, who was already walking away, and asked reluctantly, “Director Lee, you know my son’s condition. Can you tell me if the Divine Doctor is able to mend his leg? Can the Divine Doctor make my son stand again?”