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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: I Won’t Fall For That

Manager Zhang froze like a statue with his eyes wide opened and his mouth gaped in shock. Only the wealthy Lu family would use an eight hundred dollar dress as a pet cushion. What a great stroke of luck to be the Lu family’s pet dog.

Even if it sounded a little too exaggerated, Manager Zhang was certain that Master Lu meant it. After all, the Lu family was ‘Richie Rich’ rich.

Manager Zhang was well aware of Lu Xingzhi’s temperament. He was a reserved man and didn’t like bickering. Based on today’s incident, it was proven that the young Master Lu adored his wife very much. His rage of fury must have been triggered because his wife was offended.

Pondering the consequences, Manager Zhang thought about distributing the photos of everyone in the Lu family to his company’s employees from today onwards. He would force them to memorize their faces and not offend any of them, especially the young Master Lu. Master Lu was the hardest to get along with, and he was also a soldier in the Jindo military team.

The Lu family was wealthy, Master Lu was affluent, plus, he had a network of powerful people in the capital. If they enraged Master Lu, it might be as easy as flicking his fingers to close down the department store.

After paying, Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao and went up to the third floor of the department store. Jiang Yao glanced at the paper bag in his hand and quietly observed his expression. Then, she sighed. “Lu Xingzhi, you are such a big spender. The dress is eight hundred dollars! If I can’t fit in it, are you really going to use it as a pet cushion? Even though your family is rich, you can’t waste money like this!”

“Do you feel sorry?” Lu Xingzhi looked at her mischievously while shaking the paper bag in his hand. “Don’t worry, I can afford this, I can support you.”

“No, it’s your parents’ money, you don’t earn much in the military too,” Jiang Yao relented. “So, we cannot be so lavish.”

Lu Xingzhi stopped upon hearing her remark. He was silent for a while before saying, “Are you questioning my ability? Do you think that I can’t support you without help from my parents?”

Jiang Yao gaped and shook her head. “No, no.” She simply felt that she shouldn’t simply spend the money so extravagantly.

A while later, Lu Xingzhi chuckled abruptly and said, “I’ve never asked my parents for money since my junior year, so don’t worry, I’m spending my own money now.”

Jiang Yao stared at him dubiously. Lu Xingzhi explained, “You are right about the salary of a soldier being rather low, but I have other sources of income. If you want to know, come visit me at the base on National Day, I’ll explain it to you one by one.”

“Kickbacks? Bribes? Off-the-books?” Jiang Yao blurted out the first thought that came to mind, and then she shook her head and said, “But you’re not this kind of person.”

Lu Xingzhi heaved a sigh of dismay and tapped her head. “What kind of nonsense is in your head? If you are really curious, come see me at the base on National Day.”

Jiang Yao pouted. “Don’t think that I don’t know you’re coaxing me to agree. Your main purpose is to trick me into visiting the base during the National Day golden week holiday. I won’t fall for that.”

Lu Xingzhi was as sly as a fox. He used this explanation as bait to trick her to visit him on National Day. Jiang Yao wouldn’t believe what he said.

Lu Xingzhi was speechless. It was exactly what he had planned.

Because he would leave for the base the next day, but he was particularly reluctant to leave home. In other words, he didn’t want to leave her.

He wanted Jiang Yao to come to the base on National Day, but he couldn’t find a reason for her to go.

“You will come,” Lu Xingzhi declared matter-of-factly and glimpsed at Jiang Yao’s expression.

“No, I will not,” Jiang Yao snorted and swaggered ahead, leaving Lu Xingzhi behind her.

He sighed and quickly strode forward while thinking to himself that he was being too rash in this.

They had just reconciled their relationship, but he was rushing to get it fired up.