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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 422 - Dumb

Chapter 422: Dumb

In the end, she agreed to the marriage. Although, it was not because of her parents’ constant pushing.

“I agreed because my parents used to say that we would make a perfect couple. I was irritated and decided to marry you and prove to them that I would never be happy in this marriage.”

Lu Xingzhi never would have thought that this was the actual reason Jiang Yao agreed to the marriage.

Five seconds of silence later, Lu Xingzhi uttered, “Dumb.”

“You don’t say! That’s how I became your wife!” Jiang Yao was a little outraged at Lu Xingzhi’s forthright reply. Of course she knew that was not the brightest thing she did, why did he have to remind her again?

He looked at her as if in deep thought and smiled.

Thank goodness for her irrational decision though. If it were not for that, he would not have married her that easily.

Deep down, Jiang Yao knew that she was bonkers and out of her mind back then.

Loved and protected since she was born, one could say that she was spoiled by her parents and brothers. It was very awful of her to do such a thing just to anger her parents. Why did she not realize the reason her parents did that was because they cared for her deeply. They wanted her to always be happy and safe, far from harm’s way.

Yet, all she could think of was how to hurt her parents.

“How long did it take for you to actually fall in love with me?” Lu Xingzhi was adamant to know the answer.

“Beats me.” Truth to be told, Jiang Yao did not actually know.

She could not recall when she started remembering his voice, his silhouette. That dark and stormy night, she instantly recognized his voice, deep as ever. With just one glance, she knew that the shadow in the dark was him.

She wanted to escape, and wanted nothing to do with him, yet the more she tried, the stronger her feelings for him became. She hid it well though. So well, that she did not notice she had fallen for him.

Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows and stopped pondering how long it took for Jiang Yao to reciprocate his feelings. All was well in the end, and that was all that mattered.

She loved him.

It was the answer they were seeking for.

Remembering her moves just now, he asked, “You trained?”

“Yes.” Jiang Yao could not tell him about the Medical System. Moe asserted that the Medical System was confidential and the knowledge of it was to be kept hidden from everyone else.

It did not matter anyway, he trusted her.

What would humans be without their own secrets? Plus, in no way would it affect her relationship with Lu Xingzhi, more so her love for him.