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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 415 - Keep on Chasing

Chapter 415: Keep on Chasing

“Gosh! Is she shooting a movie? That is amazing!”

“Did you see how she leaped over the fence? It happened so fast, I did not see it!”

The crowd went into a frenzy. Zhou Weiqi returned to his senses and pushed his mouth shut with his hand. “Jeez! How cool was that!”

“Wait here! I am going after her to see what is going on! Don’t follow me!” Lu Xingzhi had to act quickly; Jiang Yao was already out of his sight. He followed her and jumped the fence in one fluid motion.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest the instance he landed on his feet, almost losing his balance from the sensation. However, he could not care less, and ran after Jiang Yao.

“They are shooting a movie, right? Look at the man in his hospital gown chasing after her!”

“Amazing! How did they jump over the high fence just like that?”

Zhou Weiqi and Luo Ruoran looked at each other. “Shall we?”

“Can you run after them?” Luo Ruoran pointed to the high metal fence.

Zhou Weiqi shook her head. “What choice do I have?”

He started running, trying to jump over the fence just like Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi did. It looked easy, but Zhou Weiqi was stuck trying to get over it.

Luo Ruoran burst out laughing, seeing Zhou Weiqi’s awkward predicament.

“Get down quick, don’t embarrass yourself!”

She could not hold her laughter in, seeing Zhou Weiqi’s clumsy attempt to climb over the fence.

“See! I did it! Stay here, Ruoran, I am going after them!” Zhou Weiqi landed on his bottom. Nonetheless, he was through.

He stood up, patted himself down and took off running. He remembered back when he was still in the military school, a wall this height was nothing but an easy challenge for him. His attempt today was humiliating, evident of the fact that it had been years since he last trained.

Lu Xingzhi’s pace did not slow down even though he had injuries on him. He was much more worried about Jiang Yao’s wellbeing. Fortunately, he caught up with Jiang Yao a little over a minute later.

He was meters behind and called out to her. Jiang Yao did not hear him as the commotion around drowned his voice out. He saw her suddenly accelerate and jump up into the air, kicking the robber with her leg out.

He flew for about three meters before crashing down heavily under a streetlight. He held onto his chest and lay down, not able to get up from the pain.

Lu Xingzhi was flabbergasted at what he saw.

This woman was his wife?