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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 413 - Weiqi’s Marriage

Chapter 413: Weiqi’s Marriage

“So, all the children under Phantom were rented? And he would return them after the rental period is over?” Lu Xingzhi was a little suspicious.

“It should be, at least according to what my friends have investigated. Phantom was seen in Jin City because he had to return five children, who were from the same village, and he had to pass through Jin City to get there. He was also here to see if anyone here wanted to rent their children out.” Zhou Weiqi understood Lu Xingzhi’s fear. “This guy, Phantom, he does have his own morals. My friends told me that he gave them a good impression and is actually a pretty decent person.”

The world was a weird place; with plenty of peculiar methods to earn an income.

In Jiang Yao’s opinion, the parents were in the wrong to rent their children out for money, but she had no issues with Phantom; at least he returned the children to their parents in good condition.

“You learn something new every day.” Luo Ruoran chuckled. “I am lucky, my parents treat me like a princess.”

“Your family is well-off, Ruoran. In the rural countryside, plenty of families have too many children but barely any money. This is actually a way out for them,” Zhou Weiqi explained.

“That’s right.” Jiang Yao nodded. There were always two sides to a coin.

Zhou Weiqi was right, maybe the parents did not have a choice in doing it. Jiang Yao was grateful that her family was not impoverished like many of the others were.

Even though they did not live a life of luxury, they did not need to go to bed hungry and had a roof over their head. She grew up with her parents’ and siblings’ love and care.

“Oh Weiqi, I heard from someone yesterday that your family wanted you to marry a Zhang… what’s her name? Who is that woman? I have not heard of her name before.” Luo Ruoran remembered something she heard when she tagged along on her parents’ friend gathering. “Don’t you have a crush on the lady with a cute smile in your department?”

“Zhang Lanxiang, Zhou Ning’s friend, or should I say Zhou Ning’s leech. An annoying woman at best.” Zhou Weiqi scowled at the thought of her. “Who knows what is going on with the Zhou family, always devising some weird plans. They summoned me home a few days ago, wanting to introduce a girlfriend to me. They said I am of age and should get married after my brother’s wedding is done.”

Jiang Yao did not catch what Zhou Weiqi was talking about. She turned toward Lu Xingzhi with a puzzled look and asked, “Who is Zhou Ning?”

Zhou Weiqi’s face turned the darkest shade at the mention of the name.

“Weiqi’s half-sister from his dad’s other marriage. He has another older half-brother, Zhou Changkang, Zhou Ning’s actual brother. They are both Mrs. Zhou’s children.” Lu Xingzhi was very familiar with the Zhou family.

“That evil lady wants to marry off her daughter’s best friend to you?” Luo Ruoran was shocked. “I remember that Zhou Ning always has a friend with her, they seem to be very close. I suppose she is Zhang Lanxiang! She would have known your standing in your family, why would she agree to marry you? Would Zhou Ning actually allow her best friend to marry you?”