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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 409 - Intentions

Chapter 409: Intentions

“You are not going to fool me this time!” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Lu Xingzhi.

Failing to convince Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi continued with his attempt to wrestle the envelope back.

She hid it under her body, dodging Lu Xingzhi’s attacks from both flanks. It was exhausting but looking at his terrorized expression, she found it to be amusing.

It was the first time she saw Lu Xingzhi like that. He looked embarrassed, his face blushed, all because of an envelope.

“What’s inside this envelope?” Jiang Yao asked. “Is it a love letter for your other woman? Or did she write you this? Was it someone you liked before? I heard that you were extremely popular in military school, with girls flocking to you every time!”

“Nonsense!” Lu Xingzhi rebutted immediately, he had nothing to hide.

No woman other than Jiang Yao had ever caught his eye. Why would he write a love letter to someone else, not least receiving it and hiding it?

He was not shallow, there was nothing great about receiving a love letter from another lady.

“Then why don’t you let me read it?” Jiang Yao held on to the letter tightly. “By the way, when did you bring the big jar of plastic stars over from my house? And how did my mum give you my old notebooks?”

“I secretly took the jar of stars the day you received your admission letter, as for the notebooks… Well, it is with me now, what good is it to find out how? Can’t I take my wife’s things?” He knew that there was no point in explaining, might as well be a little shameless.

“I am absolutely sure that my mum did not give them to you voluntarily!” Jiang Yao spoke judgementally, “Tell me, how did you steal it?”

“Come on, why do you have to use the word ‘steal’?” Lu Xingzhi was a little displeased. “She handed me two of them when I made up a story and told your mother that you needed it.”

Jiang Yao lay there in silence, before bursting out in laughter.

“What’s the difference between lying and stealing?” Jiang Yao almost teared up from laughing too much. “Tell me now, what are your intentions?”

Lu Xingzhi grabbed the opportunity, swooped in, and snatched the letter away from Jiang Yao. Looking at her surprised expression, he smiled triumphantly.

Jiang Yao was too naïve and was still no match for him.

Deliberately exposing himself to Jiang Yao’s teasing, it was extremely easy to get what he wanted as soon as she let down her guard, too busy laughing.

“Good girl, what is yours is mine too. We are married, right? There’s no need to get into trivial matters like this.” Lu Xingzhi lay down in satisfaction. All of a sudden, he felt a throbbing pain in his chest, probably due to the sudden physical exertion. It finally calmed down after some deep breaths.

“Are you happy now? Do you still want to leave the hospital as soon as possible?” Jiang Yao was very concerned seeing Lu Xingzhi’s pale face.

“This worthless body of mine! When can I completely recover?” Lu Xingzhi was starting to get annoyed. He usually took a walk in the morning, nothing rigorous, and felt as if he was ready to go back to his usual routine. It seemed premature to do so now, as his recovery still had a long way to go.