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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 406 - Sergeant Ge Transfers

Chapter 406: Sergeant Ge Transfers

Sergeant Ge understood the situation and was outraged at his mother’s shenanigans. He could not help but cuss them out, before requesting to see both Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin.

“You should go talk to Colonel Lin. I will speak to Xingzhi.” Sergeant Ge’s incident was withheld from Lu Xingzhi because of his weak condition after the surgery, nobody knew how Lu Xingzhi would react to the news. Now that his body’s condition had stabilized, Jiang Yao thought that it was time to let him know.

Lu Xingzhi seemed to be daydreaming when Jiang Yao entered the room. He casually glanced in her direction, his stoic expression betraying none of his thoughts.

“There is something I need to tell you; I have been hiding it from you for a while.” Jiang Yao sat down by his side on the bed and started speaking.

Lu Xingzhi was not surprised hearing it. Seeing Zhou Junmin and Wu Pengxin loitering around in the hospital had him suspecting that something was going on without his knowledge. He was just trying to figure out what it was.

Since Jiang Yao wanted to explain, there was no need for him to guess.

“Sergeant Ge got into an accident.” Jiang Yao told him of the events surrounding Sergeant Ge’s fall, from his quarrel with Sun Cuimei to the platoon’s decision heard from Major Zhu and Colonel Lin, and finally the visit from Madam Ge and her gang.

Lu Xingzhi stayed in silence for the longest time after Jiang Yao finished talking.

Her eyes did not leave him, observing the excessive heaving of his chest had her worried.

It was at this time that Lu Xingzhi’s frigid demeanor was displayed full force in front of Jiang Yao. Everything around him seemed to have dropped to freezing point, icy and hostile.

“Do you want to go to Sergeant Ge’s room?” Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi thought highly of Sergeant Ge. Once, he mentioned to her how much he respected Sergeant Ge’s courage and assertiveness.

Sergeant Ge’s background was not the best, he was not highly educated but he knew how important it was to go all out in whatever he did. He understood that he had to put in more effort than the rest to get to where he wanted to be.

Yet, nothing else mattered anymore. Just like that, his efforts went to waste, in the blink of an eye.

What could be said for the future of a discharged sergeant?

It was a while before Lu Xingzhi nodded and put on a pair of comfortable slippers, helped by Jiang Yao on his way to Sergeant Ge’s room.

Colonel Lin was in a wheelchair pushed by Mrs. Lin when Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi exited their room. They looked at each other in silence before leaving for Sergeant Ge’s room together.

Right now, his room was a loud mess. Madam Ge was holding onto a ten-year-old boy, wailing loudly. Her noise reverberated through the hospital corridors like squeaky chalk against a blackboard, extremely disconcerting to everyone in the vicinity.

Sergeant Ge lay on his bed, his expression was blank and emotionless. He did not look at his mother once, instead rested his sights in the direction of the door.

“Colonel Lin, Captain Lu!” Sergeant Ge greeted.

Madam Ge’s eyes lit up seeing the visitors. She let go of her grandson on her lap, walked toward them and started whining, “You are my son’s superiors? Take a look at him, this unfilial child! I came all the way here to take care of him and yet, he wants me to leave, chasing me out! What did I do to deserve this? I even asked his brother to give his son to him, seeing that the lineage has stopped since he does not have a son! Did you know what he said? He said I am biased!”