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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Don’t Mess Around

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, you two are husband and wife after all,” Mrs. Lu chuckled while looking at Jiang Yao, who stood there blushing and fidgeting with her fingers helplessly. “Been there, done that. There’s nothing to be shy about. It’s just that that naughty boy is at the base all year long and you hardly see each other. Now that he’s back, he might take the opportunity to be intimate with you. But he wouldn’t know how to recognize his strength, all men are like that. If you feel uncomfortable, you must let him know, don’t hold it back. Otherwise, you will be the one to suffer. Do you understand?”

Mrs. Lu was sincere in offering her advice. As a mother, she knew her son like the back of her hand.

He was a tough guy who trained and drilled at the base all day long. He had endless strength and energy in him.

As a woman, Mrs. Lu worried that her daughter-in-law might be embarrassed to express her distress and pain. If she continued to let Lu Xingzhi be rough, it would hurt Jiang Yao, which would in turn hurt Lu Xingzhi too.

Jiang Yao nodded and muttered, “Okay.” However, her voice was inaudible that even mosquitoes would be unable to hear her.

In her heart, she wanted to drag Lu Xingzhi back from his jogging to bite him to death. If it wasn’t for his overly compassionate actions last night, would she be so embarrassed now?

Mrs. Lu only offered some advice. She would definitely not interfere with the personal affairs between the young couple. She proceeded to take some eggs from the refrigerator and fry them.

When the father and son came back from the morning run, they brought a few buns back. Then, they went to take a shower. When they came downstairs, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, it was about time for breakfast.

After breakfast, Lu Haixing’s driver drove the car to the gate. He greeted them at the door, left the car key with Lu Xingzhi, and left.

“Mom, Dad, I’ll see myself off with Xingzhi. See you at Uncle’s house tonight,” Jiang Yao greeted her in-laws before getting into the car with Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi got his driver’s license when he was in college. Since then, he had been driving for many years. It wasn’t only limited to cars, as he could also maneuver a tank.

There was no need to pass through the county from the town to the city. It took more than an hour to enter the city area by using the provincial road.

The urban area was much more developed as compared to the county. There were already many large department stores at the time with ample parking spaces too. There was a parking space near the department store.

“You go ahead, I’ll park the car and look for you later.” Lu Xingzhi stopped the car at the entrance of the department store and let Jiang Yao get off the car. After seeing her enter the department store, he started the car and parked it in the designated parking space.

Jiang Yao rarely visited the city, but she knew that Lu Xingzhi had brought her to the largest and most high-end department store in the city. In fact, many famous and luxurious brands were only available in this particular department store.

After entering the department store, Jiang Yao went straight into the women’s clothing shop with the latest arrivals. Jiang Yao fancied the brand and the line of clothes, as well as the fashion styles. Glancing at a lake-blue dress on display, she reached out and felt the fabric with joy. The dress was made of silk, just like the bedding at home. It was exquisitely smooth and soft, and it must be very comfortable to wear in the summer.

“Miss, this dress is very expensive, it’s silk. Don’t mess around. Careful, don’t ruin the thread. Once broken, considered sold.”

Just when Jiang Yao turned around and wanted someone to show her the dress, a saleswoman suddenly stood next to her. She eyed her skeptically and then uttered that with a scornful and sarcastic expression.

Jiang Yao was stunned. She retracted her hand sheepishly and looked down at her outfit.

Did the saleswoman simply assume she couldn’t afford the dress and had she wanted to drive her away because of her casual and skimpy outfit?