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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 399 - Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Chapter 399: Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

What else could she do? She chose him after all.

After locking the door, she walked toward him and removed his blanket. Folding it into a neat rectangle, she placed it on his chest. The weather had been chilly, she did not want him to catch a cold.

She chose to ignore his chuckling and removed his pants in one go. Squeezing the towel, she looked at his nether regions, steadied her hands and started wiping.

Hearing Lu Xingzhi’s weird breathing, she quickly wiped him clean and changed a pair of clean underwear for him.

Thank goodness for the underwear, for now Jiang Yao was a little more comfortable with it covering his private parts.

Even though she had the honor of using his member, she did not have the privilege to see it up close until today. It was very embarrassing for Jiang Yao, nonetheless.

Looking at his bulge, she could not help it as she started poking at it, while muttering, “Hideous thing! What a hideous thing!”

Remembering how Lu Xingzhi used to give her a hard time in bed, she added, “Why do you have to be so big?”

She did not realize what was happening until she heard Lu Xingzhi’s light moans. It was only then did she realize that her poking had stirred the dragon.

Swiftly, she put on his pants for him and left with the basin!

It was such a torment having Jiang Yao clean him, he decided then and there that the care worker would be the better option.

He did all he could to hold himself in when Jiang Yao was wiping him, only for everything to go down the drain when she started poking.

Jiang Yao hid herself in the bathroom until she was done showering and had done Lu Xingzhi’s laundry.

Looking at the patient half-covered with the blanket, she cursed at herself for being such a klutz.

“Are you dumb? Why didn’t you let me know that the blanket was not properly covering you? What if you catch a cold?” Jiang Yao was furious at herself for not taking good care of Lu Xingzhi.

“I thought you were petrified at seeing my big, hideous member.” Lu Xingzhi managed to tease her before smiling at her, saying, “It’s okay, it’s pretty warm in here.”

“Lu Xingzhi, I am warning you! If you verbally harass me again, I will ignore you forever!” Jiang Yao berated Lu Xingzhi. She was easily embarrassed, especially after a little taunting by him. Flustered, she would lose her focus and overlook the tiny details.

Plenty of times, tiny details were fatal.

Fortunately, she did not spend too much time in the bathroom. If he actually did catch a cold, things would be really bad.

“You look better now!” Jiang Yao made her bed and reminded Lu Xingzhi, “If you are feeling sleepy, go to sleep! Don’t keep yourself awake, it’s not good for your recovery.”