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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 398 - Inconvenience

Chapter 398: Inconvenience

Why did he look at his crotch when he was talking to her?

Did he mean for her to wipe his nether regions?

“Lu Xingzhi!” Jiang Yao was incensed. “Will you stop being a brat?!”

“What did I do, Dear?” Lu Xingzhi looked at her bewildered. “If you don’t want to do it, we can have the care worker do it instead.”

Hold on, what did he mean by that?

If she really called for the care worker, would he let her do it?


“Dear, I am not embarrassed showing it all. Why would you, who is the one looking, be embarrassed?” Lu Xingzhi asked calmly. “Now, now, we are a married couple. We have seen each other’s private parts, what is there to hide?”

A brief pause later, he continued, “Remember the time where I bathed you after you were knocked out exhausted?”

“When was it?!” Jiang Yao rebutted instinctively.

“There, there.” Lu Xingzhi moved his hands and clasped them on Jiang Yao’s fingers. “It was the night of our wedding. You fell asleep after an exhausting day; I was the one who carried you into the bathroom. Oh, and the time when I went back home for a visit during your summer holidays, that was when I was on a business trip to Nanjiang City.”

Right now, she would rather turn blind and deaf than to hear another word from him.

“As a married and loving couple, we have to support each other. The things I did for you, you should do the same for me too.” Lu Xingzhi sighed. “Of course, if you don’t feel like it, I don’t want to force you.”

Once a man had fixed his sights on teasing his woman, nothing could be done to stop him.

Jiang Yao stared intently at Lu Xingzhi and stood up with the basin in her hands.

“Are you…”

“I am changing the water!” Jiang Yao replied bluntly.

Lu Xingzhi was interrupted before he could finish his sentence. He wanted to say, ‘Are you mad? I was just kidding.’

He purely wanted to mess with his wife; he loved seeing her tantrums and her tolerance toward his shenanigans.

Would she have done the same if she did not love him that much?

Since that Jiang Yao had agreed to it, he kept his mouth shut, not wanting to sabotage his hard-earned benefit.

Jiang Yao went into the bathroom to change the basin’s water. Only she knew how flustered she looked; her face was blushing like a ripened tomato.

She was not used to touching Lu Xingzhi under a circumstance like this.

Even when they were fooling around on bed, if she could get away with not touching it, she would.

When she came out of the bathroom, Lu Xingzhi instructed her to lock the door. Instinctively, she wanted to cuss him out, but held it in.