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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 392 - Not Found

Chapter 392: Not Found

“Jiang Yao, Director Lee is a man of integrity. He will keep your secret, do not worry about that. Although, I feel like he wants to find out more about the research institute that you mentioned,” Chen Xuyao suggested, after they arrived at Lu Xingzhi’s ward.

He wanted to prepare her, in the off-chance that Director Lee got in touch with the research institute, to think of an action plan. Would she allow the director to join or would she intervene and refuse entry to him?

“He would not be able to find it.” Jiang Yao could not contain her smile.

She already had an idea. The first thing she wanted to do when she returned to Nanjiang City was to create a research institute under the authority of Shengqi Hospital. This was a power move as it allowed Jiang Yao to do whatever she wanted without raising suspicions as the research institute would be the perfect cover.

Seeing Jiang Yao’s confidence in the matter, Chen Xuyao decided not to ask any more questions. He was amazed at Jiang Yao; the wife of his Brother Lu was a strong and capable character.

“You have been here for a few days. I will ask Weiqi to send you home for the night and get some rest. Xuyao and I will be here tonight looking after Xingzhi.” A brief pause later, Gu Haoyu asked, “Did you talk to Xingzhi about informing his parents?”

“Not right now. We don’t want to worry them just yet.” Jiang Yao shook her head. “I will stay, it is fine. By the way, I talked to Weiqi on the phone and he mentioned that Brother Gu is going back in a few days’ time?”

“I had it postponed.” Gu Haoyu smiled. “I have some free time now, if you cannot handle it, let us help you. We are all here.”

“Do I look that weak and fragile?” Jiang Yao winked at Gu Haoyu.

He looked at her in a serious manner, trying to analyze her. She looked lively and tireless. He laughed in relief. It seemed that she was taking care of Lu Xingzhi and herself very well.

Jiang Yao was younger than Mrs. Lin, but much calmer when faced with adversities. She was also very adept at caring for others. Gu Haoyu thought to himself, maybe he should leave earlier, there was nothing else for him to worry about here in Jindo City.

After sending Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao off, Jiang Yao returned to the ward. Dinner arrived a short while later, courtesy of the Liang family.

Lu Xingzhi was fast asleep, so Jiang Yao took her dinner and went over to Colonel Lin’s ward.

Mrs. Lin greeted Jiang Yao when she came in. After hearing that Lu Xingzhi was fast asleep, Colonel Lin chuckled, “All he knows is to sleep his day away!”

It was not until Mrs. Lin gave him a punch in the shoulders that Colonel Lin laughed and continued eating.

The Lin family and the Liang family were distantly related. Even though Colonel Lin’s father did not have any relationship with the Liang family, Colonel Lin and Liang Yueze were very close to each other. Knowing the Lin family’s condition, the Liang family also sent them meals along with Jiang Yao’s. Knowing his father and stepmother, nobody expected them to prepare their meals.

They were eating when they heard a big commotion going on outside their ward. All three of them could hear hurried footsteps from the doctors and the nurses.