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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 391 - Making Things Up

Chapter 391: Making Things Up

Noticing Director Lee’s strained expression, Jiang Yao continued, “To be frank, Director Lee, my husband’s surgery was a gamble. I was lucky and won the bet.”

Director Lee was quite unhappy hearing Jiang Yao’s refusal, seeing her as a young and egoistical lady. Listening to her explanation though, his expression softened. Especially when Jiang Yao addressed him in a polite manner and used respectful language. Maybe Mrs. Lu really had her dilemmas, Director Lee thought to himself.

Even though Jiang Yao’s explanation was fabricated, a fake excuse had to have its audience for it to work.

Seeing that Director Lee had accepted her explanation, she continued, “The most critical part of my husband’s injuries was the bullet that grazed the heart and tore the pericardium. To be honest with you, if the patient were someone else, and I was the head surgeon on that day, I would have given up on the surgery too.”

“Yet, the patient on the stretcher was my husband, I could not have given up so easily. Coincidentally, I was involved in a research on the treating and repairing of the injured pericardium at a research institute. The research is currently on hold, but I was able to use whatever I studied on my husband. I was extremely lucky, also maybe he was not supposed to die, he lived. Director Lee, even my husband might now become a research subject. With so many uncertainties around his operation, that would be rather irresponsible of me to share what happened in the operation, don’t you think?”

Jiang Yao was in awe at her ability to spin stories and make them seem believable. Creating a research institute out of thin air and pushing all the credit of her surgeries on the institute was a genius move on her part. Director Lee would let her off the hook after hearing her reasoning.

No matter how legitimate her explanation was, if the uncertainties actually existed in the surgery, why would somebody share the results and the progress of their research, for which they spent huge sums of money and a large amount of tedious effort, with people outside the organization?

“Sorry for troubling you, Mrs. Lu!” Director Lee accepted her reasons, and felt a little embarrassed, for having misunderstood the young lady.

“Mrs. Lu, you are very young, right?” He realized he might have said something wrong, and quickly explained, “I am not looking down on your age, but I just wanted to remark how much talent and potential the medical field has from people like you! Even though you are still young and fresh, you are exceptional and even better than plenty of the doctors here in our hospital, who have been in the field for decades. I am really pleased to see your immense potential in the profession, and I wish for your continued success!”

Or maybe, Director Lee was more interested in the research institute mentioned by Jiang Yao. He would have to check them out through his vast network of people and see if he could join them on this research.

Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao accompanied Jiang Yao to Lu Xingzhi’s ward after she left the director’s office.

They were extremely curious and wanted to learn more about this research institute that Jiang Yao was talking about.