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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Look at All These Mosquito Bites

Instinctively, Lu Xingzhi noticed Jiang Yao looking at him. He wouldn’t have pulled his hand away from her waist if it wasn’t for having to wring the towel.

“Wash your face.” After handing the towel to her, Lu Xingzhi grabbed his own and quickly washed his face. Like greased lightning, he restored to his original position with his arm around her waist. “Let’s go downstairs.”

Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi and then at his hand around her waist, motioned him to take it off. The parents were downstairs at the moment, did he really want to go downstairs like this?

However, Lu Xingzhi seemed not to comprehend her warning gesture. He waited for her to hang her towel and walked out of the room with his hand tightly clenching her waist.

Luckily, as soon as they left their room, Lu Xingzhi retracted his hand and put them in his pockets, then watched Jiang Yao hastily run downstairs.

Lu Xingzhi was particularly delighted early in the morning. He greeted his father in the living room and went out to jog with his father.

In the kitchen, Mrs. Lu was picking and prepping the vegetables.

Mrs. Lu was a person who would live her life in an exquisite and impeccable style. She would pay extra attention even to breakfast. Every morning, she would get up 15 minutes early to prepare two dishes with porridge.

“Mom,” Jiang Yao greeted Mrs. Lu when she entered the kitchen. She then stood by Mrs. Lu’s side and started prepping the water spinach, which was brought from her mother’s place the previous day. They were very tender and fresh.

“You’re up so early. How about Xingzhi?” Mrs. Lu asked when she heard her footsteps and saw her entering the kitchen without Lu Xingzhi by her side.

“I think he’s probably gone out for a run with Dad,” Jiang Yao said as she had seen Lu Xingzhi and Mr. Lu exiting the house.

“I don’t think they know what ‘stop’ means,” Mrs. Lu teased and laughed. “Why don’t you join them? You need to exercise more to stay young.”

Jiang Yao simply smiled without answering.

First of all, she was a lazy bum. Second, after last night’s intense battle, she had no energy left for a morning jog.

Anyhow, Mrs. Lu was merely teasing her. She wasn’t actually urging Jiang Yao to go for a morning jog.

Since Jiang Yao was there to help her with the vegetables, Mrs. Lu turned to take some eggs from the refrigerator. When she walked past Jiang Yao, she noticed some red marks on her neck and behind her ears.

“Jiang Yao, you didn’t light some mosquito coils before you slept last night, did you? Look at all these mosquito bites,” Mrs. Lu drawled. “The summer is full of mosquitoes, you must remember to light some mosquito coils when you go to bed.”

“Huh?” Jiang Yao blinked in bewilderment. She recalled lighting a coil after taking her shower last night.

“Look at all these red marks. Afterwards, remember to apply some oi…”Mrs. Lu urged while reaching over to touch the red mark behind Jiang Yao’s ear. Before she could touch it and finished her sentence, however, it suddenly dawned upon her.

The mosquito was actually her son, Lu Xingzhi!

How could Mrs. Lu not tell what did the red marks meant? Been there, done that!

She didn’t think of it that way at first because Lu Xingzhi was rarely at home. When he was, she hardly saw any intimate interactions between Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, so, instinctively…

However, this time was different. Lu Xingzhi had only returned yesterday, and Jiang Yao already had love bites all over her body this morning.

Mrs. Lu stifled a giggle and huffed, “Lu Xingzhi, that naughty boy…”

Listening to Mrs. Lu’s muttering, Jiang Yao subconsciously stretched her hand and touched the place where Lu Xingzhi gnawed at for a long time last night. A sudden thought struck her and she immediately gasped in shock, disgesting what Mrs. Lu meant by mosquito bites. It was very easy to leave marks on her fair complexion, it must be…

Blood rushed to Jiang Yao’s face. No doubt, Mrs. Lu must have guessed what they had done last night.