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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 390 - Refusal

Chapter 390: Refusal

“There is no need for that, thank you. He is in good condition, and he will heal even quicker within the next few days.” Jiang Yao prepared Director Lee for what was to come. Starting now, she would concoct every one of Lu Xingzhi’s medicine from the Medical System lab and do a switch with the hospital’s medicine to avoid any suspicion and cover the existence of her own medicine.

The medicine that she was able to synthesize and concoct in the lab was way more advanced than any medicine found in the hospital. This would be helpful for Lu Xingzhi to heal faster.

Telling Director Lee that Lu Xingzhi’s healing progress would speed up was to ensure that the director would not be startled seeing how good his condition would become in the next few days.

Just like so many other things, the impact of knowing something beforehand and finding out suddenly were vastly different.

Hearing Jiang Yao’s refusal, Director Lee was a little surprised. Under normal circumstances, the hospital would arrange a full-body comprehensive examination for a patient who had just undergone such a complex surgery, what more with Lu Xingzhi’s severe injuries.

Mrs. Lu refused it flat out. What on earth was she thinking?

Why was she so sure that Lu Xingzhi did not need another examination after his surgery?

Whatever it was, the spouse of the patient explicitly stated her intention, there was nothing he could do about it. Director Lee was at a loss, not knowing how he should go about convincing Jiang Yao otherwise. After all, she was the one who saved him from the brink of death and nursed him back to health.

“Mrs. Lu, the reason I called you here today is to discuss another matter.” Director Lee chose not to pursue the subject and revealed his actual intention. “Captain Lu’s condition was extremely critical. No one in the medical field has been able to perform a successful surgery and save the life of a patient in such a critical state. We want to invite you to speak in a seminar regarding this surgery of yours. We hope you would be able to share your experience and method with us. Hopefully, with your wisdom and knowledge, we will be able to perform more life-saving surgeries in the future, particularly in a critical situation like this.”

That was exactly what Jiang Yao thought.

Frankly speaking, Director Lee’s request was reasonable. Not considering Colonel Lin’s surgery, Lu Xingzhi’s operation was a first in the medical field.

It was natural that the doctors wanted to learn from this precedent, improving their skills and knowledge. Facilitating knowledge exchanges was extremely important as it allowed doctors to further hone their skills, which would ultimately result in better patient care and health.


Jiang Yao was facing her own predicament; she could not do it.

How could she tell everyone that she was able to do the surgeries because of a Medical System? It would probably lead to her being an experiment subject at the National Research Laboratory or worse, sent to a mental asylum.

Even she was at a loss, not knowing how to explain all these to Lu Xingzhi. Truthfully, everything that happened was absurd and unbelievable. She chose to hide it from her husband, why would she, in turn, reveal everything to an outsider like Director Lee?

Fortunately, even though suspicious, Lu Xingzhi did not press her further for more explanation after she had indirectly demonstrated her reluctance in providing more clarification. His buddies were cool as well, not asking any more questions.

“Director, I am so sorry, but I will have to decline your invitation to the seminar.” Jiang Yao rejected in a straightforward manner. She still had to look for an excuse to cover her refusal.