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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 385 - : I Want Some

Chapter 385: I Want Some

Colonel Lin dodged the hit and continued, “I was thinking, you have been living very comfortably when you were alive, I wonder how much joss money you would need in the afterworld. Who knew you would wake up now!”

He looked at Jiang Yao and laughed. “I even thought about burning a paper doll just like your wife for you, you know, a companion in the afterworld.”

Saying this, he changed his tune, “Great to hear that you’ve woken up! This is good news! Plus, with such a pretty wife, I don’t know if anyone could make a paper doll as beautiful as her!”

Soldiers, living their life in constant chaos, were no stranger to death themselves. The matter of death was always joked around among them.

Both Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi wrote their wills before going on the rescue mission. Fortunately, they both lived.

“What about you? My injuries are peanuts, I can just sleep them away. You, on the other hand, look pathetic and ridiculous!” Of course, Lu Xingzhi had to fight back, he still had his pride and ego.

After he woke up, he forgot to ask about Colonel Lin’s condition. Seeing that he was not amputated, Lu Xingzhi was puzzled.

“Tsk, look at my leg, it will be as good as new in three months! As for you, I am not sure if you can get down from the bed in three months and spar with me!” Colonel Lin rolled his eyes at Lu Xingzhi. Seeing that the male nurses were starting to tire carrying his stretcher, he requested to go back to his room. On his way out, he said, “Well, I am glad to see that you have your wife here taking care of you. My darling boiled some soup for me, I am going to drink it and I am not sharing it with you!”

After Colonel Lin and the rest left, Lu Xingzhi remarked, “Childish!”

He turned toward Jiang Yao, who had her back turned against him, and called out, “Dear, I want some soup too!”

Jiang Yao retorted, “Who is the childish one now, huh? For now, you can only eat porridge, nothing else!”

Lu Xingzhi realized that he was indeed a little immature and stopped talking.

He looked at Jiang Yao and thought to himself how beautiful his wife was.

Zhou Weiqi and the rest came shortly after Colonel Lin left. Grandmother Liang walked herself here, she looked to be in great condition.

When Old General Liang entered, he saw Jiang Yao moisturizing Lu Xingzhi’s chapped lips with some wet cotton swabs. Lu Xingzhi’s eyes were fixated on Jiang Yao throughout, and did not even look at the visitors who just came in.

“Did the doctor come and check on him?” Old General Liang asked.

Jiang Yao threw the cotton swabs into the trash can, putting the cup back onto the cabinet, she replied, “I checked just now, he is fine, we don’t need to trouble the doctor.”