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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: It’s Still Early

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although she was no stranger to lovemaking, the look on Lu Xingzhi’s face triggered an alarm in her head.

It would be foolish and risky to provoke Lu Xingzhi at this very moment.

“I… I surrender.. Let’s sleep.” Jiang Yao put her hands to her ears, making a surrender gesture. Her big and innocent eyes stared at Lu Xingzhi.

However, she was too adorable for Lu Xingzhi to let her off the hook now.

“Jiang Yao…” Lu Xingzhi called out abruptly.

Before Jiang Yao could speak, her lips were muffled once again.

This kiss was different.

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t hold back. He kissed and slowly moved downward.

He moved his lips from her lips to her ears, feeling the slight shudder as he touched her sensitive spot. Slowly, he went from behind her ears to her neck.

She was wearing buttoned pajamas. He unbuttoned it one by one until he ran out of patience and pulled her pajamas apart, the last two buttons flying off and dropping on the floor.

The wonderful view under the pajamas came into his sight as clear as crystal…

There was no confusion, no resistance, even the last bit of anxiety was thrown out the window in the end.

She had never felt the raging turbulence inside her body. She never knew that the human body could generate such tremendous and mysterious sensations.

He was inside her, making her feel like she was floating in the clouds and mist. She felt like her strength was being deprived layer by layer as he thrust her with all his might. She lay soft and weak under him, letting him take her to the next level of endless pleasure.

His hoarse voice resonated into her ears. He was calling out her name: “Jiang Yao, Jiang Yao…”

The voice drifted in the passionate air, sounding far yet near.

“Jiang Yao… Jiang Yao…”

“Yaoyao… Yaoyao…”

The hushed whisper seemed to have some kind of captivating magic. Jiang Yao couldn’t help but answer to his call, and she received an even harsher and desperate response.


Slowly and exhaustedly, she opened her eyes. The room was bright and sunny. Her view, however, was blocked by his bare and broad chest.

And around her waist was a gallant arm that was clutching her with slight force.

She was wearing pajamas. It wasn’t the buttoned pajamas that she put on last night, but a nightdress instead. At the moment, the skirt of the nightdress had lifted to the level of her waist. Her legs clutched onto Lu Xingzhi’s thigh like a sloth hanging onto a tree.

Blood rushed to her face at such an erotic sight. She shifted her body hastily, retracted her legs, and pulled her skirt down.

Last night…

She didn’t know how many times Lu Xingzhi had tortured her pleasantly. In the end, she was extremely exhausted. She remembered him carrying her to the bathroom and taking a bath. She had lost all consciousness after that. When did they finish their bath? How did they return to the bed? When did he put the pajamas on for her? She had no idea at all.

“Are you awake?”

A voice came from the top of her head, sounding distinctively delighted and joyful.

“Yes.” Jiang Yao nodded. “What time is it?”

“It’s still early, the alarm clock hasn’t rung yet.” Lu Xingzhi gently rubbed her messy hair. “Do you want to continue your sleep? Mom just got up to make breakfast.”

Jiang Yao shook her head. “Nope. I’ll get up and help Mom wash the vegetables.”


It seemed that there had been distinct changes between the two of them overnight.

Jiang Yao turned to look at the man standing next to her brushing his teeth. She then lowered her gaze to see his arm that he curled around her waist. Gosh, this man even wanted to hold her while brushing his teeth! She felt her heart melting.

This man was as sly as a fox!

Jiang Yao could sense that Lu Xingzhi was advancing his passionate approach step-by-step!