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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 379 - Every Family Has Its Own Woes

Chapter 379: Every Family Has Its Own Woes

Mrs. Lin laughed ironically and said, “That is why I stayed at home in Jin City even after I married Colonel Lin. He was willing to stay with me in Jin City whenever he has a break or a holiday.”

Colonel Lin was wary about his stepmother and the daughter she brought over. His father was oftentimes unreasonable in his demands and they did not share a good relationship. Every month though, Colonel Lin would send his parents some money.

Even though Jin City was close to Jindo City, he would not go back home at all. Even if he did, he would not stay the night there.

Colonel Lin felt like he was a guest in the family. Instead, his father, his stepmother and his stepsister felt more like an actual family together.

Every family had its own woes. Jiang Yao did not experience it personally so she could not understand the feeling of being in a family just like that. Although, she sympathized with Colonel Lin for having people like that as his family.

No wonder Mrs. Lin behaved coldly in front of her parents-in-law. Colonel Lin had already given up on his family.

For the rest of the journey, Jiang Yao did not once ask Mrs. Lin about matters of the Lin family. She was not a curious person to begin with, and only listened when talked to.

Arriving at the platoon, Jiang Yao was, unsurprisingly, stopped. Not everyone knew her as she had just arrived a few days ago. Luckily, the soldiers on duty recognized Mrs. Lin and let them through.

At home, Jiang Yao went into the bedroom and started packing some clothes for Lu Xingzhi. She then cleaned the house and went into the study, wanting to bring some books over for him. Knowing him and his impatient personality, it was highly probable that he would insist on getting discharged from the hospital after a few days of doing nothing.

There were plenty of books in his study. Jiang Yao took five to six books on military subjects and picked two books that she was interested in. While putting them into the bag, she saw the drawer and remembered what Lu Xingzhi told her when he left for the rescue mission.

She clearly remembered that Lu Xingzhi wanted her to burn the contents of the drawer if he could not make it back alive.

Now, Jiang Yao was extremely curious and wanted to see what the forbidden contents were.

Tugging on the drawer and realizing it was locked, she complained out loud.

“What on earth is in this drawer? In the entire room, only this is locked!” Jiang Yao started searching for the key on the desk.

Logically speaking, the key should be kept somewhere close for convenience.

After searching for a little while, she found the key in a pencil holder. She smiled victoriously and swiftly unlocked the drawer, pulling it out and putting it on the desk.