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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 377 - His Possessiveness

Chapter 377: His Possessiveness

“What’s wrong with me? Is it because I compared Jiang Yao to a dog?” Zhou Weiqi was oblivious and looked at Chen Xuyao blank-faced. “She really is light! If you do not believe me, you should carry her and see for yourself!”

“I am not suicidal, why would I want to do that?” Chen Xuyao rolled his eyes at the bloke standing in front of him.

It was then Zhou Weiqi realized the full implication of what he had done and said. He turned pale and stood silent for a moment before asking weakly, “Brother Lu is not that petty, is he? I have no other intentions for Jiang Yao and treat her with the utmost respect. She is younger than me, I treat her just like a sister!”

“Hehe…” Chen Xuyao half-smiled. “Are you not familiar with how possessive Brother Lu can be? He can be very twisted.”

“I am done for!” Zhou Weiqi scratched his ears. “You have to keep this secret, do not let Brother Lu know that I carried Jiang Yao when he was not yet awake! He would actually skin me alive if he finds out!”

Old General Liang, Grandmother Liang and the rest laughed hearing his pleas. “For sure, his jealousy is enough to kill even if you have zero intentions for Jiang Yao!”

“Maybe Xingzhi has not had the chance to carry Jiang Yao yet!” Luo Ruoran joined in on the fun and gave Zhou Weiqi another blow.

When Jiang Yao woke up, the sky was pitch-black. On her way home during the day, she fell asleep and felt so much better after the nap.

Fortunately, the only side-effect of doing an operation above her credentials was exhaustion. This was easily remedied with a deep sleep.

She looked at the time and called Zhou Weiqi.

“How is everything at the hospital?” She was the most concerned about Lu Xingzhi. Even though she knew that nothing could have happened, she still wanted to know what was up. After hearing Zhou Weiqi briefly describing Lu Xingzhi’s condition, she was finally satisfied.

“Jiang Yao, you are exhausted after today’s ordeal. Do not come over tonight, Brother Lu will be fine with me here. What do you feel like eating? I can have the restaurant deliver it over.”

“It is fine, I will just eat out.” Jiang Yao continued after a brief thought, “Brother Lu will be staying in the hospital for quite some time. I am going back to the platoon to get some of his personal belongings and other necessities. I can drive over to the platoon myself. Once I am done, I will return as soon as possible and take your shift.”

“Can you help me ask if Mrs. Lin wants to go back to the platoon with me? I think her kid is still over there.”

Mrs. Lin must have left in a hurry without bringing anything. Since Jindo City was not too far from Jin City, it was manageable driving between the two cities.

After getting Mrs. Lin’s reply, Zhou Weiqi had Jiang Yao had some dinner before getting the car from the hospital and picking up Mrs. Lin as well.

Jiang Yao cleaned herself up before hailing a ride to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital, she went to Lu Xingzhi’s ward first and checked on his vitals. She then went to Colonel Lin’s ward and did the same thing. When she exited his ward, she saw Miss Lin together with an elderly couple.