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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 376 - Brother Lu Cannot Know

Chapter 376: Brother Lu Cannot Know

“I’m doing just fine.” Old General Liang sighed. “Can’t say the same for Colonel Lin and Xingzhi, especially Colonel Lin.”

He was not lying when he said that he was doing fine. The hijackers had no intention of hurting the hostages. After the hijack, the hostages were treated well, with good food and comfortable quarters. Only when the battle started did the quality of the food given drop. However, they were never tortured.

Things were not the same for Colonel Lin though. Captured by the enemy, Old General Liang saw how the hijackers broke Colonel Lin’s leg by hitting it with a steel baton repeatedly.

Too many lives were lost in the rescue mission.

Colonel Lin was captured by the enemy exactly because he acted as a bait and distracted the enemy, creating an opportunity for Lu Xingzhi to rescue the hostages under cover. He was shot once when covering the last hostage’s escape and received another bullet to his chest when he went back to get Colonel Lin. Even with his injuries, he managed to carry Colonel Lin out.

The hostages were rescued, but it could not be considered a victory. Too many young soldiers’ lives were sacrificed to achieve the goal of the rescue mission.

Old General Liang was extremely furious after he was rescued. He would not have attended the conference if he knew the research results were obtained in such a way.

“By the way, how is Jiang Yao doing?” Old General Liang suddenly switched the topic of the conversation to Jiang Yao.

He had only seen pictures of her, taken during her time in high school. Demurred and prim, she looked extremely likable.

Listening to what Liang Yueze had to say, however, shocked him to the core.

Even Mr. Liang was surprised, having met, and interacted with Jiang Yao. He had no reason to believe otherwise, as he trusted that the kids would not have lied.

Zhou Weiqi was unsurprised that Old General Liang asked about Jiang Yao. Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin went together to rescue Old General Liang, who knew exactly how badly they were injured.

Plus, Zhou Weiqi had no reason to believe that the Liang family would spread the news around, especially after Jiang Yao had specifically requested it.

“Don’t worry, she is just tired. She fell asleep on the way home and since I could not wake her up, I had to carry her up the stairs.” Zhou Weiqi continued, “The thing is, I think she is too light, I don’t think she weighs more than a dog does!”

Chen Xuyao was amazed at the absent-mindedness of Zhou Weiqi, he rubbed his eyebrows, and reminded him, “Don’t talk about these in front of Brother Lu, if he hears it, he would skin you alive.”